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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Evicted from Facebook

Anarchists, communists, Social Nationalists.We all claim to be revolutionaries, fighting against the System, and amongst each other. But how does a revolutionary knows he is truly fighting against the system and is not, in fact, used by the regime to crush other revolutionaries??  The answer is simple: If you are a genuine revolutionary, the system will fight you with all its might.

In an unprecedented censorship effort in modern history, Facebook disabled every profile page of MPs, members, and friends of Golden Dawn!!  The employees of the regime and the servants of the memorandum of poverty , as well as the other "revolutionaries", are partying because of this, while at the same time they are pretending to be "democrats" and dare to accuse Golden Dawn that she is a threat to "Democracy", "free expression", etc.

The anarchists and the rest of the "revolutionary" family are facing an embargo by the people that they betrayed with their empty promises and meaningless actions. The anarchists are no longer able to play "Hide and Seek" with the RCU units, because the people of the areas they invade are resisting them. Other "revolutionaries", like the pink socialists of SYRIZA, are being dishonored by the people they let down.

In the end, the genuine revolutionaries will win.

Source: http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_wsite1_1_12/11/2012_469659


  1. Zogbook is just one big data-mining exercise anyway.

  2. Source for this?


    1. There you go.


  3. I hope the Greek Nationalists or White Nationalists make their own Social Network site equivalent to Facebook.

    There is an alternative social network site which is called VKontakte. Its a Russian version of their own Facebook. The nationalists should shift to that type of social networking sites. But at least the site is in English. :)

    But you know the founder of Facebook is one of the Jewish bloodlines. http://jewishfaces.com/

    Thank god for the internet! One of the best inventions what the white man made! Even through the zionists hate the internet. ;) Because many people are looking at the truth and taking action.

  4. It may be that we don't have freedom on the internet much longer. TUC has announced many governments plan to back moves to restrict public access to internet sites. TUC has set up a petition on line to stop people freely accessing internet sites - http://www.tuc.org.uk/international/tuc-21639-f0.cfm

    The "congress", to take place in Dubai, is to be held next month. The fact that many countries have not made their plans for restrictions known means that they could spark a public outcry and they want to prevent this. Why?

  5. my admiration for GD grows daily.The true revolutionaries!

  6. This is good, people are more secure and happier if they "network" in person anyway!

    Facebook is there for data mining and advanced memetic control of a population. Golden Dawn would be better off meeting over Stormfront, and doing outreach to friends and neighbors in person or by private email and phone conversations.

    There is a lot of data that Zuckerberg and his ethnic cronies will not have on Golden Dawn members, to be used for psychological and statistical analysis, in the future this way.

    Please try to get your friends and family off Facebook, everyone. When the service is free YOU are the product, being sold to marketers.