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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

An initiative: Against child abuse

Motivated by the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse (19th of November), members of the Social Solidarity team of the Evoia-Voiotia L.O. , visited a Greek family, whose 4 children (girls aged 3 to 7 years) were victims of abuse by their very own father. Thankfully, the mother moved legally and took the father away from those children. Filled with hesitation against people, the girls gladly accepted the toys we offered them.

 An akward moment ensued when one of our members extended her hand to fondle the head of one of the girls, she got scared and started crying. The abused children often avoid physical contact and are suspicious in general.
This child was and continues to be the first victim of primitive adult violence. Its physical weakness makes it an easy target. The abuse of children -physical, psychological, sexual and abusive neglect- is the darkest page of Human History. Researches show that the abuse of girls is 3 times higher than the abuse of boys, that boys have greater chances to be emotionally incapacitated and suffer extreme violence than the girls and that children are in bigger danger to be sexually abused from the age of 3 and up. The real number of child abuse cases is estimated to be much higher than the ones presented in researches. Most victims of child abuse and abusive neglect are not detected by the Social Services. In sexual abuse specifically, where physical indications aren't always available, secrecy and shame prevent the children and the adults that know what is going on to seek help. INDIFFERENCE IS COMPLICITY.
The Greek Social Solidarity team of the Local Organization will continue her social interventions standing by our racial brothers that need ethical and material support. This is demanded by the social orientation of our Movement, this is the social justice we believe in.


  1. Golden Dawn is the only party that actually cares about the continuity of the Greek People instead of continuity of the Government.

  2. I agree Frank, but we are looking in from the UK and Golden Dawn are leading by example. All paedophiles should be hung, protecting children should be a nations first priority.