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Monday, November 5, 2012

Aiding poor families

Επισκέψεις σε άπορες οικογένειες σε Ωρωπό και Δήλεσι

 Last week, members of the Social Solidarity team of the Regional Organization of Evoia, proceeded to visit the homes of poor Greek families and delivered large amounts of food to them. This time, it was a women's issue. Four comrades of the White Women's Front highlighted once again the social face of the Greek Nationalist Movement.

Being faithful in the Movement's struggle, we visited 10 poor Greek families which have been profoundly affected by the heartlessness of the Greek Memorandum State. Those families, hurt by the unbearable austerity measures of the government, welcomed us with open arms. Basic nutrition supplies were distributed, capable of covering the basic needs of the family's members.
Our presence in Evoia and the surrounding areas will continue, despite the cries of the spoiled leftists, who prefer to yell against us instead of actually helping the citizens that are hurt by the crisis. In contrast to them, the Golden Dawn proves with her constant activism that she is by the side of the Greek families.

The more the grant journalists spread lies about us and accuse us, the more we will remain faithful to our duty towards the People and the Motherland, the more our will will strengthen, giving everything we have to Golden Dawn's daily struggle. Until our Victory.
Hail the Golden Dawn!!

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/episkepseis-se-apores-oikogeneies-se-wrwpo-kai-dhlesi#.UJeRrmf_Ddc

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