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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Golden Dawn Greek Worker's Employment Office - Our Mindset

For the purposes of the Employment Office, we are daily visiting big enterprises and corporations to examine the availability of the jobs there, working conditions, but also the course of the employees hired there through our actions. Given the current financial situation, the rising unemployment and the difficulties of survival the Greek companies face, we try to make the employers realize their responsibilities towards the local community and the national economy, and the employees realize their responsibility regarding the position they are covering.

The Marxist ideology of "class warfare", which was unsurprisingly adopted by the equally materialist Right, invented the "class enemy". Workers and employers, instead of cooperating like the necessary parts of the same organism that they are towards its prosperity -and by extend- the prosperity of themselves and the national whole, assumed fighting positions and became rivals, with the blessings of the inadequate government. The sick version of the syndicalism imposed at our workplaces for three decades by the Left, with the assistance of the guilty Right, succeeded the following: Creating non-productive "workfathers" ''(meaning the capitalists and golden boys)'' with a fat income, turning healthy businesses into problematic ones leading them to shut down, the moving of several factories to former communist countries, and the replacement of the Greek Worker by third-world illegal immigrants, the loss of tens of thousands jobs, the consolidation of the "black" uninsured employment, and also conditioned the Greek children to hate honest working.

The worker's fault

The transformation of the Public Officials to leeches of the public sector, due to the costumer-relationship mindset of the socialist and liberal governments, the systematical propagation of the "glamor" of the new service-providing jobs with the (temporary) huge payments and fancy suits for "work uniforms", and the simultaneously propagated devaluation of manual-work jobs that -literally- produced something, all those insidious things drove the Greek Workers to hunt a "place in the public sector" and to adopt the destructive impression that "a decent job is a job that wont get your hands and clothes dirty". Even worse, the unethical pursuit to "get paid to do nothing". Today, the word "duty" is avoided and the word "right" is overemphasized .

The employers fault

On the other hand, employers have fully adopted the speculative capitalist business model adopted by the economies of states, regardless of the consequences to the people, the local communities, the nation, the environment and ultimately the national economy, and the state itself. Workers in businesses ceased to be people who do work and became expendable "laborers". The "managers" with foreign university degrees and without a single day of actual work in their lifetime, implemented (in business, and states) what they are taught: "The first expense to be cut in order to reduce cost is payroll." Less wages, less benefits, more unpaid overtime, layoffs of "redundant labor" and, most importantly, replacement of the "expensive" Greeks with the "cheap" foreigners. We can say a lot about how wrong they are, but lets use THIS *(translation unavailable)* as the shortest example available.

Between the two completely materialist sides of the same Zionist coin, the internationalist Marxist-"Socialism" and the globalist capitalist-"liberalism", Social Nationalism rises. It replaces the "Class warfare" with the cooperation of all the classes for the prosperity of the Nation. That honors hard work and rejects parasitism. That appreciates the employers for their creativity and workers for their hard work. That uses the economy for the benefit of the Volk and not the Volk for the benefit of the economy. Nationalism that is meritocratic, fair, truly humanistic, with a realistic vision of a strong state in the service of the whole nation.

The Greeks, employers and (once again) workers, that contact the Employment Office, prove the honesty of the above. We hope that the positive result of our struggle will keep on increasing.

GOLDEN DAWN for Greeks to rediscover the pride of productive labor.


  1. Great sentiments worthy of the struggle to impliment them.
    Hail the Golden Dawn

  2. Homo sapiens has a habit of wanting mansions and jewels and yachts. When he can't get all that, he tries to get a job-for-life that's not too difficult or dangerous, one that gets him a nice house to comfortably raise a family, and that comes with security in old age. In the process, a small number of great fortunes, and a larger number of moderate ones, are won.

    This plays itself out pretty much everywhere in the world.

    And in some instances, the left hand of the bell curve can be pretty cheerful, decade after decade. In others, things spin out of control, as we are seeing in places like Greece and Spain.

    So, how to understand the case of Greece?

    Sixty thousand brown people? International bankers?

    These are not robust explanations. They are explanations that satisfy simple alcohol-addled minds that prefer the excitement of thuggery over the slow hard work of vigilance over public and private sector elites.

    Last year in Tel Aviv, 100,000 people, Jew and Arab, took to the streets non-violently to express their frustration over jobs and housing. Mostly, it was Jews angry at their own elites. Do you know how to begin to think about that?

    Some years ago I heard that over half the restaurants in Montreal -- including the "Italian" and "Chinese" ones -- were owned by Greeks! Smart hard-working entrepreneurial people, succeeding in an economy of 100 different ethnic groups, including plenty of "browns" and Jews!

    Maybe you need to beg some foreign Greeks to come back home to help you straighten things out.

    Same blood, different brains.

    But for the clueless, fantasies of blood purity and invented enemies are the way to go.

    1. So, the Greeks that are sick of being punished with austerity and poverty for crimes they did not commit are clueless drunkards??

      I've met your kind on the internet plenty-a-times. They read a "news" report, and they instantly know what is the situation of Greece and how to solve it.

      I've met this kind of posters, yes, but you surpass the rest of them. First let me uncover your lies. And I say lies, because you can't actually believe that there are 60.000 immigrants here. How about 1.5 mil.?? One million and a half illegal immigrants, the majority of which are employed by Greek Capitalists,in times of crisis, while Greek workers are left to starve. That is capitalism. And you dare to defend it, because there are some successful Greeks in Montreal, by saying that "the left hand of the bell curve can be pretty cheerful". There is no bell curve. We know towards what end the wealth moved, and it's the one with all the bankers. Speaking of which, the money that are given to "us" by the EU primarily go to banks. Secondly, tell that to the 2.300 Greeks that have killed themselves because of this crisis.


      I won't even mention the crimes of the illegal immigrants. You simply deny reality, find an excuse to mention blood purity, and try to convince the exhausted people of Greece that they are wrong for wanting their country to be their own.

    2. This blogspot's function is for news reporting. GD-critical conversation can occur in places designed for that, like forums. Even in the cycles of my ideology there are people critical of GD. You can talk to them there, but not here.
      Thanks for your understanding.

  3. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
    John F. Kennedy

    It will not be long now before Greece falls into anarchy. Then, they will snatch up your valuables while you are weakened. You might want to get a small boat and see if any of them try to live on a Greek island that they bought with your money!

    Anyone that believes that salvation will come from the Left is a fool. Once reality hits home, I wager that many of the unwashed Left, will finally have a bath and crop their hair and join up with the only chance Greece has to kick the vulgar Banksters out of their sovereign land for good.

  4. Αίμα Τιμή, Χρυσή Αυγή!