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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reactions in Israel because of Golden Dawn's reference on the Zionist Protocols

Jerusalem Post: "Kasidiaris spoke about the Protocols"
Under the title "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion read aloud in Greek Parliament", the Jerusalem Post reported about Ilias Kasidiaris's reference on the "Protocols" during his speech in the Parliament, and which the newspaper calls an "antisemitic forgery".

The issue of the Protocols bug humanity for a century, regarding their authenticity, or lack thereof. The point is that their credibility is increasing because of the results that stem from the world's geopolitical, economical and political developments. If reality herself contradicted them, then there wouldn't be a need to question their authenticity.

We will quote some of the protocols, those that have a disturbing similarities with our daily life. There are 24 of them, but due to space limits we can't write them here, but you can easily search for them in the Internet. They were created in 1900 and for many years were accused of being a fake and antisemitic creation of the Ochrana, the Czar's secret police. We know that the Czar had a bad end and that the "fake", according to some, documents are very detailed and prophetic even if they were written a century ago. Judge it us you will, but they are a read worthy of your time.

Protocol VII 

(RCU and Police State's funding increasing, the People are getting poorer and poorer due to the austerity measures, the Press guides the public opinion against Golden Dawn)

Protocol XIV

(Ridiculing the Faith, degrading religion with shows like Corpus Christi)

Protocol XVI

(New laws that devastate the Education and place it in corporate hands) 

Protocol  XXI

(Greece's unneeded loans and spending due to corrupt politicians)

Protocol X

(The EU and former Greek PM's, George Papandreou, speech regarding the need for Global Governance

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/antidraseis-sto-israhl-gia-thn-anafora-ths-chrushs-aughs-sta-siwnistika-prw#.UJE5oWf_Ddc


  1. A forgery?

    Every day, events around the world continue to reinforce all of those ideas contained in the Protocols.

    Subversive Jew activity is real and the Zionists have been manipulating the world for at least 400 years.

    1. Actually they have been at it for 4000 years.
      Moses used subversion against the Egyptions.

      They do it now for sport and personal enrichment.

      The bible mentions exactly this subversion in the chapter by Habakkuk.

      They did this in Medina too! Muhammad's people were brought in as the dividing force to help bring destruction. But Muhammad saw what they were doing and used the situation to establish his own nation rather than the chaos the conspirators wanted.

      “This is a truly decisive statement, it is not something to be taken lightly. They plot and scheme, but so do I: Prophet , let the disbelievers be, let them be for a while.” Qur'an 86:13, 14, 15 & 16

      “What are the disbelievers waiting for, other than the Hour which will come upon them unawares? Its signs are already here, but once the Hour has actually arrived, what use will it be to take heed?” Qur'an 47:18 & 19

      “Do they not see how We come to their land and shrink it's borders? God decides – no one can reverse His decision – and He is swift in reckoning. Those before them also schemed, but the overall scheme belongs to God: He knows what each soul does. In the end, the disbelievers will find out who will have the excellent home. Qur'an 13:41 & 42

    2. Moses was not a jew. He was a Levite by tribe and an Isrealite by nationality.
      The jews did not exist in the days of Moses.