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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our real Socialism!

The recruited journalists of the TV and the yellow press of corruption rushed to place the People's Association of Golden Dawn at the right end of the post-dictatorship political map. Immediately after the electoral success of our Movement, in a continuation of their efforts to misguide the public, the journalists of the vicious regime insisted with fury on characterizing us as "far-right". This tactic is anything but random. Quite the opposite, it is a strategy to disorientate our People during its desperate attempts to not collapse. It would be pretty convenient for the regime, if our Movement was the spearhead of the bourgeoisie far-right. Unfortunately, they are out of luck.

We spit on the face of the Right-wing traitors, we spit on their loyalty to the Zionist regime, we spit on their political respectability!! By presenting the Greek Social Nationalists as far-right extremists, the hired wingmen of the cheating MSM serve yet another purpose: To help the supposedly "socialist" Left remain unscathed from any criticism. A Left that thinks that it is infallible, and which every political force must apologize to.

The biggest fear of the Regime caused by the appearance of our Movement isn't the defeat of the right-wing nationalist myth, as is the evacuation, the mass, final and irrevocable shift of the Greek Workers from the hold of the Left, towards the arms of revolutionary Greek Social Nationalism!! The People's Nationalist Movement proclaimed, from the first moment of its political activity, the full support and protection of Greek workers. It was the slogan "Jobs for the Greek Worker" that rocked the streets of Athens on the mid 90's until today, making the leaders of the Left lose their sleep. And while we, the Nationalists, fought from the outset against the invasion of foreigners in our workplaces, the unfortunate Marxists rushed to side with the smuggled immigrants, essentially serving the interests of the capitalists. And even though earlier the Marxist propaganda wanted the immigrants to participate in the "economic bloom" of Greece and support her funds, the economic collapse of 2010 came to dissolve this Internationalist myth.

But who was the actual beneficiary of the massive foreign invasion of our country? That would undoubtedly be the Capitalist class, especially the big contractors, those that danced upon wasting the money of the People for the Olympic Games of 2004. We said it then and we shout it now with all the power of our Soul: The Left seeks to be the pimp of the Labor Movement, so that she can impoverish it by pushing it towards the claws of international capitalism. The enemy is not a class enemy, it is a National enemy!

Nobody has the right to harbor illusions anymore. The anti-Greek Regime, the journalists and the leaders of the Leftist parties have a huge share of responsibility for the current misery of the Greek workforce. However, they are ignoring the cause of the problem, disorienting the people, trying to highlight the risk of the dissolution of the government. But what is the dissolution and what is the regime? The Regime under which we live, this traitorous and bankrupt regime, was created by no other than the  "Polytechnic Generation", which is sacred in the eyes of the Left . But the Marxist nomenclature compromised and collaborated with the capitalist enemy, while at the same time, the Greek workforce was led to economic and therefore biological extermination.

The Leftist pseudo-intellectual will never understand the agony of the Greek Worker that lost his job and watches his family starve. The Leftist "rebel" will never understand the fear of the Greek Worker, who is a prisoner of the interests of the predatory banking mechanism. And he will never understand, because he was never a Greek Worker to begin with. The leftist was given privilege by the state of rottenness and corruption, in contrast to the hard working Greek. The dominance of the red plague across the state mechanism is anything but random. Open your eyes and look around: The elite of the Regime is red, yes! The "socialist comrades" are the Regime itself! That's why the Marxist status quo joined PASOK. They don't wish for the destruction of the Regime - they intend not only to maintain, but also to expand the corrupt Regime forever!!

And while the Greek Workers tremble before the fear of unemployment and economical death, the main worry of the Left are the "rights" of the illegal immigrants. The Greek Worker's table was empty, but they and their capitalist associates were by the side of the people that came illegally here, emptied the funds and dissolved the social fabric, drove the Greeks to unemployment and helped to increase the profit of the Capitalists.

We have to recognize the Left's masterful ability to lie and whine when faced with the poor working masses, invoking the need of class warfare, while working with capitalist political forces, aiming to forbid genuine Socialist speech, like the one expressed by the program and the actions of the Social Nationalist Movement of Golden Dawn. It was and is the Social Nationalist Movement that opened it's arms to protect the workers from the anti-national and anti-worker policies of the Zionists.

Under the guide of The People's wealth returns to the People Program, we organized - and will keep on organizing - food drives towards compatriots that really need it. With the Jobs for Greeks Program, we manage to relieve the pain of compatriots that suffer from unemployment. With the Greek Blood Bank Program, we fulfill a duty to the Race, giving the holiest of our goods to the Greek people. THIS IS OUR SOCIALISM!

In a political level, we give daily a battle to crush the Regime of degeneracy, against all those that seek the sale out of our Country and the extermination of out People. We seek the Punishment of the traitors, we fight to construct a New National State able to meet the demands of the future, built upon the foundations of a glorious past. Golden Dawn from the People, Golden Dawn with the People, Golden Dawn for the People!! THIS IS OUR NATIONALISM!

The day that Sky, Earth and Sea await will come soon, the day a desperate People awaits for, a People poor but Proud, the day that millions of Nationalist Warriors will stand before the Leader, with faith burning stronger than Fire. Then there will be no force in the universe that could crush our Will for a Social Nationalist Revolution!!


  1. 10/10 would read again

  2. Great summary and clarification. Thank you so much for the translation!

    1. YES..! The same is the situation for average workers in America. We are just trying to feed our families and do an honest days work for honest days pay, but 20 million illegals taking our jobs and our tax money and neither those on the left or right of government will stop this ..... SO by their in-action to stop this the Left and Right show us that they are really the same and want to continue allowing the illegals to ruin us.

      The Zionists are doing these things to all formerly Christian Nations. Enslaving the poor worker through deceit and trickery and taxes and fees to the point of where the poor worker can never hope to have any more than the bare minimum to survive another day of slave labor for the Zionist Masters..!

    2. All in all, there is very little for me to disagree with concerning the Golden Dawn. I do hate the very concept of socialism and believe it to be the gateway to all other leftist maladaptive practices,but I understand the need for it in Greece and other impoverished European countries and I understand that such political terms are not interchangeable between our countries. Not in the spirit of contrariness but more in the spirit of edification,I would offer that capitalism itself was not the ruin of Greece, but as is mentioned in this manifesto,it was its application by Zionists and Globalist one-worlders toward their malicious and traitorous ends.

      The goal of globalism is the same as the goal of Marxism,the elimination of class and race distinctions-this time by erasing entire peoples rather than through imperial-style conquest and incorporation,using a more palatable political philosophy (capitalism) to get there. It is possible that globalist capitalists and Marxists are one and the same, but even if there are minor differences, they sit at the same tables,anyway. Citizens of Greece know those tables all too well,they are the ones that sit full of food and diamonds and money while your workers starve and despair.

      This is the inevitable result of the erasure of race,class, and sex differences and the forceable equalization of peoples inherent to all leftist ideologies. The impoverishment may even be more of a feature than a bug, a way for the upper-middle class to give to themselves all the wealth and power of an aristocracy in their bureaucratic enclaves and live out some fevered delusion of superiority possessed by them.

      I am not a social nationalist,(I am a nationalist of a sort,though) but I hold that any nationalist party in any nation that has the support of the people is good for that nation,firstly because it is part of the reaction against a global enemy that all light-skinned Europeans share and every nation's success at fighting that enemy walls it off and isolates it as a threat to our survival,and secondly because it has the approval of those affected by any policies it may enact. Hence,I support Golden Dawn.

      If something like it becomes an organized force in the United States, I will formally swear my allegiance and die under your banner if it is necessary to do so.

      Long live our glorious,proud,and venerable civilization (much of which the rest of us European-descended people have Greeks to thank for).

    3. The only thing the drug taking half crazed Marxist rabble have correct is tha international capitalism is the enemy of the working class. Thats not a very difficult concept to understand. The real problem is what to replace international cut throat capitalism with? And that is where various forms of Social nationalism are the answer. Why Nationalism? because the biggest unit of power on this planet should be the homogenic nation state.
      Every single instance in History where there were political entities larger that one nation have resulted in tyrannny and oppression, The leftist myth of a socialist one world government is neither acheivable nor desireable, The Ideal is a globe where every nation has its rightful place and all the races ethnicities traditions and customs of this world of ours each has its protected homelands.
      This is contrasted with the stated dream of the international bankster class of one world denuded of 95 percent of it population, most of it cities decayed into wild ruins serving a small oligarchical elite of these same bankster scum.
      These are the stark choices and legions of immature unwashed leftists cannot change this reality. To these leftists i say you are not working class heroes because you have never been real working class and you do not care about helping your own people

    4. Keep Up the fight Golden Dawn! The corrupt Banksters and globalists are losing this fight on a worldwide scale. You should spread your vision to a bigger audience such as RT News.com and Infowars.com There is a worldwide awakening happening and with the Power Of The People we can bring prosperity and abundance to the whole planet!

    5. Keep Up The Fight Golden Dawn! You support will grow as people become aware. The globalist banksters are losing the battle on a worldwide basis as more and more people wake up from the relentless mind control and manipulation through the world media organisations they control. Their lies are more and more obvious as they are getting desperate, they tried to start a war in Syria which could have escalated to WW3 and they failed. The people of this planet deserve to be freed from the debt slavery system the elite banksters created.
      We The PEOPLE must spread the word because we can't rely on the major media networks to bring us the truth. The US is waking up against their own Government which is extremely important and will play a big role in the fight against the these zionist control hungry pigs.
      Supporter from Australia

      I do however believe that a NON Violent approach is a better solution and do NOT Condone violence in any way.

  3. May the Golden Dawn lasts a thousand years.

  4. Long live Social Nationalism!

  5. Can we buy Golden dawn shirts ect to show our surport for the party.

  6. Impressive.
    You should do some videos of your actions, with english commentary.
    So we could all see the truth for ourselves on the net, what we hear from our medias is FAR from what I read here.

    I wish there was a Golden Dawn here in Switzerland.

    1. i am a greek living in switzerland and speciffically in geneva. golden dawn, or better a swiss nationalist party is absolutely necessary my friend)

  7. Finally! Socialism reclaimed from the Jewish Marxists. A nation lives for its OWN people!

  8. The son of an immigrant asks his dad, "Dad, what's DEMOCRACY?"

    "Well, son, that's when, all the indigenous people of the host country work like slaves, and we get all the benefits from it! Like FREE: houses, welfare money, food, medical, and everything we never ever had back home, and you don’t ever have to work either!"

    "But dad, aren't the indigenous people of the host country unhappy about that?""Sure they are son, but that's called…....

    1. such a true statement.

    2. Very true indeed.
      If you love your country you are called... racist, neo-nazi, fascist etc.... You know something, I couldn't care less.

      Long Live GREECE, long live Golden Dawn

  9. The insidious Liberal left has brought countries to their knees,assisted by the EU thieves, and corrupt politicians.
    Tony Blair the biggest traitor/war criminal of all time, selling out England by helping to starting the war in Iraq, being paid 30 million by the Saudi families for doing so.
    Since then the corruption in the Government of England has become rife at every level with the Left leading the way, and the D Cameron click doing the same.
    Regrettably the only way forward ultimately, is by removing the beast! By cutting off the head, then the body will die, this applies to the corrupt EU, politicians and corporations.
    Then, and only then, will the true Golden Dawn be realized by countries reinstating borders and sending back the hoards of filth, that have polluted their homelands.
    I applaud the Greek people for standing up to the criminals, that in my opinion only deserve just one fate for the treason they have committed against their very own people!My only regret is that we do not have the Golden Dawn in England!

  10. The liberal regimes are completely racist to white people standing up for their culture and identity, every nation has it's ideology and liberals have no right to throw their weight around and tell people how they should live, multiculturalism is a destructive force that needs to be quenched before we lose europe, diversity forms divisiveness thus we get people forced segregation and violence, resulting in ghetto's and high crime rate. Think ottoman or russian empire but compacted within a nations borders. Whilst they own the countries, they don't swear allegiance to the leader and resort to massive unrest and the fall of an empire, if we do not resolve this now we will lose our own homelands. Golden Dawn you have my complete support, i hope your influence spreads throughout europe and we can take it back, they try to weaken the european people with this divisiveness but it only makes us stronger in our resolve, even america, canada, new zealand and australia europeans supports you.

  11. http://www.bnp.org.uk/news/national/golden-dawn-dangerous-extremists-or-long-overdue-national-revival-make-your-own-mind

    Please comment, or even send an article to be published on the BNP site. I am sure they will welcome it. Thankyou.

    1. As soon as I have enough free time.

    2. Understood, patriot. Thanks.

    3. Don't bother until you read this:

  12. Best of luck to Golden Dawn! hopefully nationalist movements will sweep through the rest of Europe and save us all.

  13. I hope that GD shows the way for all the EU member states to follow. Then maybe we can all be free of the totalitarian governments.

  14. I used to look up to Greece.


  15. This makes me want to be Greek.
    If i was geek i would join the Golden Dawn.

    This should be spread. This shoul go Viral, for the wake of the people.


    1. I am Greek, married to a Portuguese. I love Portugal too!!!

      Long Live Europe!!! Death to communism!!!

  16. I wish to join Golden Dawn here in U.S. I share your love of God & country, you are so much like the League of the South(Confedracy) here in U.S. I wish you Godspeed and all the success you can gather and then some

  17. This makes me want to be Greek. Lets the same in Israel too!

  18. How do the left bare any responsibility?
    The left have never been in power in Greece.

    It is sad that the poor fight among each other.
    It will be just like in Germany again. Communist and nationalist killing each other - workers killing workers.
    You morons!

    1. Nope. Educate yourself.


    2. Open your eyes!

  19. GD flags available here:


  20. Nazi Scum! You shall be defeated, your party is responsible for attacks on jewish and other ethnic communities along with injuries to fellow communists, we shall drown your message of hate.

    1. What will you do? Fire us? Because the most influential move of the Greek communist party the last decade was the unjust firings of unpaid people working in the party's newspaper. Note that syndicalism was forbidden there. Enjoy your bourgeois-approved "revolution".

    2. So, Anonymous, you are just fine with the genocide being waged by influential Jews (and their fellow travelers in government) against the peoples of Europe and the West? What does that make you? Perhaps we all need to be reminded what genocide entails:

      Raphael Lemkin's broader concerns over genocide, as set out in his "Axis Rule in Occupied Europe", also embraced what may be considered as non-physical, namely, psychological acts of genocide which he personally defined as:

      "Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves. The objectives of such a plan would be disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed against the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed against individuals, not in their individual capacity, but as members of the national group."

    3. Haha,good one Blue Eyes.

      "You shall be defeated, your party is responsible for attacks on jewish and other ethnic communities along with injuries to fellow communists..."

      My hat's off to you,Golden Dawn,even though I know much of this is probably just the usual Communist lies and propaganda. Mostly what I've been doing is just making their heads explode by refusing to submit to them or their fairy tales,and/or providing incontrovertible scientific or philosophical evidence against them-crushing their spirits rather than their bones.

      I am aware that yours is a message of love for your own people and for our shared culture,and Communism is the message of hate. Even if you guys were "Nazis",it wouldn't trouble me in the slightest. It was Pol Pot,Stalin, and Mao Tsedong who killed tens or hundreds of millions of THEIR OWN people,not Nazis.

      Who wants to support a political party that might kill them for BEING SUPPORTING OF IT? Only idiots like the anonymous above who believes after a hundred years of failure Communism may actually one day succeed in transforming the world into Never-NeverLand-an obvious impossibility to anyone who is not a mentally-defective lemming.

  21. I hate the leftists and bankers as much as you do but I´m absolutely not against capitalism which isn´t the reason for the economic crisis. Capitalism is the oldest principle ever, very simple consisting out of taking and giving. How much you take and how much you should give is determined by the market. The reason for the economic crisis is rather that the bankers only get profit out of it but don´t have to take any risks which if there would be total capitalism would be the case and this that the state covers the losses is socialism in its purest form. I myself are living in a commune in Sweden which is the poorest commune in the entire country. The people in this commune praise two things regularly: socialism and multiculturalism (main reasons for why the commune is so poor). Most of them welcome socialism for bringing welfare and therewith making it superfluous to effect performance. Just look at the western world of today (especially Greece and Germany) once proud and capable countries are decadent and more incapable than ever before that´s only because the people all the time fall for promises about more money for nothing.

  22. You are full of shit,it's all propaganda there are no real bloggers here only the idiot's that
    belong in golden dawn which should be renamed "NIGHTMARE".
    You are nothing more than bullies when you are in a group and cowards as individuals
    you seek the opportunity when people are in desperate need pretend that you help them so that you can get some popularity,in reality you are misanthropist's and given a chance you become murderers of people you are pimps and use mafia methods selling protection or else...
    But your end has come finally it's realized how dangerous you are to Democracy and freedom,may you rot in hell like your idol Adolf Hitler.

  23. I am sure you will never publish my statement which i sent a minute ago you only publsh positive statements for you

  24. The White Liberal motto is: "Embrace diversity AT ALL COSTS, even if it means compromising one's own safety and standard of living, and even when non-Whites put their own racial interests first."

    Why are so many Whites celebrating diversity as they slowly become minorities in nations founded and built by Whites? White taxpayer money is being used to help fund diversity. In other words, Whites are paying to replace themselves by non-Whites.

    Upshot? Whites are paying to become a minority! (read INSANITY)

    And they are celebrating it!(read EXTREME INSANITY)

    Do non-Whites flock to White majority nations because Whites usually build the most desirable societies?

    Is every race capable of building/maintaining a 1st world nation?

    Ever thought minorities are privileged to live in White majority societies?

    What's stopping minorities using their increasing wealth and power to promote their own interests at the expense of Whites? Minorities WILL NOT reciprocate the compassion and tolerance Whites have shown. (this cannot be emphasized enough)

  25. Beware of confusing capitalism with "corporatism", corruption, etc.
    Capitalism, in itself, is fine. It's just the application of "capital" (something of "value") to promote business activity. This can happen at the family level, at the community level, at the village/town/city/country levels. A blue-collar/factory worker can be a capitalist, amongst other things. For example, a "venture capitalist" is a person who likes a new idea (the "venture") and is allowed to fund (at least partly) this idea in the hope it is successful (and make profit) but also realises that the idea may also fail. This funding may be $100, $1000, $10,000, etc.

    Now "corporatism" is when companies are in "bed" with the politicians in order to "win" contracts (e.g. Siemens scandal in Greece). This is not capitalism, it is corruption motivated by greed, etc. There is no "free market" competition in the corporatism model since government contracts are given to "friends" due to kickbacks (bribe money) received by corrupt politicians.

    From statements made by leader of XA, I understand that XA has no problem with the pure honest form of capitalism that is essential for the system of commerce between entities. I presume "bad capitalism" refers to the corporatism that has existed for many years in Hellas and other nations of the world. I suspect that globalisation will just magnify the effect of corporatism and other forms of corruption. Nationalism provides an opposition to this globalisation plan especially when nationalism can make the citizens of a country realise their true potential by having nationalist leaders prioritise on the benefit of the citizen/nation and not on the benefit of foreign powers.

    Ζήτω η Χρυσή Αυγή.
    Ζήτω ο Ελληνισμός.
    Ζήτω η Ελλάδα.
    Ζήτω μια ελεύθερη Ευρώπη.

    Long live the Golden Dawn.
    Long live Hellenism.
    Long live Greece.
    Long live a free Europe.