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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A provocative initiative by George Soros

 We have said and wrote many time that the "international" principals have long ago prepared a plan to replace the Greeks with a multiracial, shapeless mass, unable to resist their plans of the financial and cultural conquest of Greece.
Part of their plan is obviously the combination of uncontrollable illegal immigration, the corruption of the Police Forces and the unprecedented economical attack against Greece and many more, like the "Turkeyfication" of the "Greek" television.
The Greek have suddenly lost what they were working their whole lives to earn, losing their homes by the thousands, all while experiencing the nightmare of nonexistent safety and imported criminality that plagues most neighborhoods. And while the Greeks try to adapt to this new, grim reality, the famous "chosen", George Soros, announces the creation of funds that will be used to build houses in Greece, for immigrants to stay in.
This annoucment, that makes every Greek cringe from anger thinking that once more everyone cares about the illegal immigrants and not for the Greeks in need, was immediately congratulated by the famous man of "Greek" politics, the MP that always takes the day out, the former PM, George Papandreou, commenting that this is an "idea with vision".
It truly is a "vision", the vision of globalization that machinates the death of the Greek Nation. Our duty is to eradicate it.

Source:  http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/prwtoboulia-proklhsh-gia-tous-ellhnes-apo-ton-soros#.UJGDo2cY1Ds

Reactions in Israel because of Golden Dawn's reference on the Zionist Protocols

Jerusalem Post: "Kasidiaris spoke about the Protocols"
Under the title "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion read aloud in Greek Parliament", the Jerusalem Post reported about Ilias Kasidiaris's reference on the "Protocols" during his speech in the Parliament, and which the newspaper calls an "antisemitic forgery".

The issue of the Protocols bug humanity for a century, regarding their authenticity, or lack thereof. The point is that their credibility is increasing because of the results that stem from the world's geopolitical, economical and political developments. If reality herself contradicted them, then there wouldn't be a need to question their authenticity.

We will quote some of the protocols, those that have a disturbing similarities with our daily life. There are 24 of them, but due to space limits we can't write them here, but you can easily search for them in the Internet. They were created in 1900 and for many years were accused of being a fake and antisemitic creation of the Ochrana, the Czar's secret police. We know that the Czar had a bad end and that the "fake", according to some, documents are very detailed and prophetic even if they were written a century ago. Judge it us you will, but they are a read worthy of your time.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Patra Riots - Golden Dawn standing by the citizens

May 21, 2012

 Athanasios Lazanas, aged 29, gets murdered right in front of his own house by 3 illegal Afghan immigrants. The Afghans attacked him because his dogs were barking on them, and in the Muslim faith, dogs are considered to be unclean. They attack him with a dagger, stabbing him 6 times and twisting the blade to inflict deadly hits. He manages to crawl to a nearby house, and name the race of his murderers with his dying breath. The Police manages to arrest them, and to everyone's surprise, one of the brutal murderers was a minor, aged 17. It is also revealed that two of the perpetrators were arrested in the past for illegally entering and staying in the country, but Greece's "humanist" laws allowed them to walk around freely. His funeral is today.

After the funeral, the society of Patra decides they had enough.

Regarding "hate"

Many things are being told and written about the Golden Dawn lately. And this is only natural. Not only have we entered the Parliament, but we are also the third largest party according to the polls. The conspiracy of silence shall not pass. So our opponents -everyone, that is- have resorted in slandering and insulting our Movement. We could attribute to their sycophantic campaign the accusations that we supposedly hate the illegal immigrants.
We inform them that we don't hate any illegal immigrant. We love our Motherland, Greece. Those of us that had to live, even for a short time period, in foreign lands know what it means to leave your homeland, and if this is a nice experience or not. So we don't hate them. But we can't tolerate this situation anymore. The minister of Civilian Protection has called this illegal immigration invasion the biggest one since the "decent" of the Dorians in 1.100 BC!
The racial and demographic distortion of the Greek population is an immediate danger, as well as the destruction of the social fabric from a cultural and traditionalist perspective. We love our Motherland and no one can doubt that. That is why we don't what its racial and cultural annihilation. In the end, what are all these people looking for here?? There aren't enough jobs for the Greeks themselves. Why don't they go to beg for obs in their lands?? At least they will be on their homelands.
We are also in danger from a military perspective. What will we do if one day they rise up in arms, against us?? You understand that it isn't hate whatever we are feeling against them. Our Motherland, that we love so much, is IN DANGER!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Truth about Golden Dawn

Read the article here.

The Golden Dawn Greek Worker's Employment Office - Our Mindset

For the purposes of the Employment Office, we are daily visiting big enterprises and corporations to examine the availability of the jobs there, working conditions, but also the course of the employees hired there through our actions. Given the current financial situation, the rising unemployment and the difficulties of survival the Greek companies face, we try to make the employers realize their responsibilities towards the local community and the national economy, and the employees realize their responsibility regarding the position they are covering.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The "Chosen" are advising...

....To ban Golden Dawn now, before her support reaches 20%!!

Between the "chosen" (The word can have many meanings, it could in fact derive from the "chosen people"....) appearances on the extremely defamatory and anti-GD show of the former (?) Stalinist and currently supporter of the regime, Paul Chimas, was that of Jean-Yves Camus, a "researcher and journalist specializing in the European extreme right",  as they mentioned in one of his interviews on the Leftist newspaper "Dawn" . He is also a reporter of a Jewish newspaper in France, "Actualite Juive", as they failed to mention...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Four months in, four immunity lifts out.

The Greek Parliament voted unanimously to lift the immunity of the comrades Ilias Kasidiaris, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, and George Germenis, with 220 votes for and 0 votes against.  Of course, the corrupt, traitorous and thieving politicians will not face Justice, because they aren't members of the Golden Dawn.  The MPs however want their immunity to be lift, so that they can prove their innocence in front of a sworn court. Along with MP Konstantine Barbarousis, within four months of Golden Dawn's parliamentary work we had four MPs lose their immunity.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our real Socialism!

The recruited journalists of the TV and the yellow press of corruption rushed to place the People's Association of Golden Dawn at the right end of the post-dictatorship political map. Immediately after the electoral success of our Movement, in a continuation of their efforts to misguide the public, the journalists of the vicious regime insisted with fury on characterizing us as "far-right". This tactic is anything but random. Quite the opposite, it is a strategy to disorientate our People during its desperate attempts to not collapse. It would be pretty convenient for the regime, if our Movement was the spearhead of the bourgeoisie far-right. Unfortunately, they are out of luck.