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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Those that trade Nations

 It is still a complex process for Argentina and her People, the effort of escaping from the grip of the international usurers, that kept her captive since the beginning of last decade. The biggest headache for the Latin American country, goes by the name Paul Elliott Singer (Paul Singer). Paul Singer, was born on August 22, 1944. A seed of a Jewish family, he grew up in the metropolitan New York area. In 1977 he founded the hedge fund Elliott Associates LP. Singer has won, because of his speculative activities, the reputation of ''financial'' assassin.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Program of the Golden Dawn

The revised Program of the People's Association to solve the Greek problem, to revive our national economy, to enhance the geopolitical strength of Hellenism, has been released.
Take your time to read it, analyze it, and spread it any way you can.

Break the conspiracy of silence! - Spread the message of the European Golden Dawn!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Golden Dawn International Newsroom wishes you all Merry Christmas!

From the Old World we lost

Towards the future we shape

With our Struggle

Merry Christmas!

Trivia: The video above was removed twice from Youtube and Dailymotion because of "hate speech"!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Madness - Mayor sues Golden Dawn for feeding poor Greek workers!

Μήνυση Δήμου Πειραιώς κατά Χρυσής Αυγής για την διανομή τροφίμων
We committed the greatest crime: We distributed food to 5000 Greek families
The New Democracy(national-liberals) mayor of Piraeus surpassed the leftist mayor of Athens! The Regime, terrified of ourexponential growth and solidification on the Greek Society, reacts with panic moves, trying to prevent our Social Solidarity Program from helping the Greeks, trying to make us break our promise of returning the People's money back to the People. After the failed attempt of some leftists to prevent the food drive in Volos, the Mayor of Piraeus filed a sue against Golden Dawn, because she used the forecourt of the Public Theater to carry out the distribution.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Leftists attack a GD Social Solidarity food caravan

On December 12th, some of Stalin's orphans expressed their "popular agony"in our EMPTY offices in Volos. We reported the violence of the Far-Left, but we decided to not glorify the story, with open rallies against State-sponsored terrorism. The next open rally of the Volos Regional Organization didn't have a political character, but a social one, as it was a massive food distribution on the 22th.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Massive Christmas food distribution

Golden Dawn organized yet another Social Solidarity festival proving that the Nationalists will not lose their spirit no matter the challenges they face.
 The participation was -unfortunately- massive, exhibiting the tragic financial situation the Greeks are struggling to survive in.
 Under the presence of every one of our MPs, and with complete order and discipline, many tons of dairy products and food, as well as clothes and other basic need products were distributed to more than 5000 compatriots that attended the distribution despite the bad weather conditions. The distribution lasted many hours.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Golden Dawn visits the Ministry of Energy

A team of Golden Dawn members, including MPs Ilias Kasidiaris, Nikos Michos, Panagiotis Iliopoulos, the Secretary of the Evoian Regional Organization, Apostolos Gletzos and the Party's legal advisor, arranged a two-hour meeting with the Deputy Minister of the Enviromental, Energy and Climste Change Ministry, mr. Asimakis Papageorgiou. The meeting occured at the offices of the Development Ministry and revolved around the issues of the D.M's authorities (natural gas, hydrocarbonates), and a special conversetion regarding the LARCO mining company was had.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Defining the Enemies

Often, during the analyzing of news on the MSM, the easiest target is always picked. For most of them, the enemies are the Germans. The analysts expect to activate the People's reflexes that way. Reminiscing moments from King Otto's Regency to the WWII and the Siemens Scandal, the analyses become digestible, the slogans easy: "The Krauts are coming!"

Monday, December 17, 2012

The streets are Ours


Video and photographic material from Golden Dawn's march against the State's Anti-White discrimination tactics 

 More than 5.000 Social Nationalists marched on the Streets of Nice and Korrydallos. The State and Parastate failed miserably with their pathetic antiracist counter-demonstrations. No TV channel dared to cover our great march, as their payed attention to the anarchists and the illegals immigrants, daring to state "they couldn't march, because Golden Dawn's counter-demonstration prevented them". It was only natural for those liars to call our arranged march a "counter-demonstration".

Sunday, December 16, 2012

In defiance of their terror

Despite the Parastate's massive attack against us, we are still standing, and there are thousands of us. In defiance of their terror, and despite the heavily damaged offices, Golden Dawn preserved the Regional Organization's fame as the biggest Social Solidarity center with yet another food drive. Hundreds of Greek Workers from the industrial area of Whitetower came to the drive and those that could also contributed to the cause. This is the Social Nationalist Dogma. Solidarity and bravery.
 The food drives, as well as any Social Solidarity Program, welcomes any Greek regardless of political identity.

The 2nd Organizing Conference of the Golden Dawn

The 2nd Organizing Conference of the Golden Dawn was successfully held in a central hotel in Athens, honored with the presence of representatives of Regional Organizations from all over Greece, of the members of the Central Committee, of the Political Council, the MP Assembly and of our Leader, the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos.

Golden Dawn with the workers of LARCO

Golden Dawn members and MPs Iliopoulos and Mihos, and well as the Secretary of the Sectoral Organization of Lamia, Apostolos Gletzos, visited the installations of the LARCO mining company.
Our comrades were welcomed by the Union of Miners on their offices, were head figures of the Union, and workers as well, told us about the problems they face on their job, its hardships, and they reported that they have many dead coworkers due to workplace accidents. They also expressed their agony for the future of the industry, and their will to fight for their jobs and rights. Finally, they asked for out Movement's support, in and out of the Parliament.

March against criminality at Megara

 Members of Golden Dawn, under the presence of MPs Kasidiaris, Lagos, and Mathaiopoulos, and hundreds of locals pretested against criminality and anti-Greek racism. These days the Greek Police, under the guidance of the Civilian Protection Minister, is apathetic and searches for "racist crimes" and non-existent victims,  while the citizens of Megara are the daily victims, as they can't even go out of their house after sunset because of the constant assaults by immigrants and Roma. A minor was killed last night within the Roma camp, a fact that points out that control over the situation has been long lost. The People's Association was once more the only movement to stand by their side. Their greetings were warm and the people's will clear: To clean Greece from this filth!
 Read more for photos and a video of the march.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Golden Dawn responds to the Turks and their local agents.

ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΑΠΑΝΤΗΣΗ: Η τουρκική κορβέτα στο Σούνιο, η Χρυσή Αυγή στο τουρκικό προξενείο!

An attack against the Turkish Consulate, an attack against its agents in Thrace for which the Greek State doesn't care, and a counterattack against Venizelos was unleashed by Golden Dawn MP, Ilias Panagiotaros, during the opening ceremony of one of the three new GD offices in the area. At the same time, members of SYRIZA along with anarchists, carried out attacks on the offices in Komotini and Xanthe, where hundreds of people were attending the opening ceremonies. Upon learning that the Turkish interests are threatened by Golden Dawn, the Left sent her strike teams to crush us.
The attacks at Xanthe were successfully repelled by our Militia. 

The attacks started at Xanthe, with the Parastate agents attacking the citizens present at the ceremony, to carry out their promise to "face with the same treatment (violence) everyone that supports us" .
The offices of Golden Dawn weren't their only target. The anarchists also attacked and destroyed several cars and shops in the area and that was how Thrace was introduced to the anarchist paranoia.

"We call an antisemite anyone who opposes us"


Cynicist and without a slight sign of shame was the confession of the Jewess writer Shulamit Aloni. former Israeli minister. On an interview on the American MSM, Shulamit Aloni stated that a common tactic of the Israelis is to accuse of antisemitism everyone that bring Israel in a tough position, and to always invoke the "holocaust". "It is a trick that we always successfully use", the Jewess admits. It is a tactic that caused many people to suffer, people who have been thrown to fire because of the "antisemitic" tag.
Here is the interview: (Click "Read More" to view it.)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The mess of the Leftist Universities.

Yet another disgraceful day for our Universities. A colored "trader" (of smuggled wares) sexually harassed a Greek woman outside the Athens University of Economics and Business. When she demanded an apology, he pulled out a knife and threatened her.
The woman asked help from policemen passing by the area. They stopped and while the woman was explaining what happened, a team of anarchocommunists came out of the University and with rocks, bats and Molotov bombs, they attacked the police officers, and in turn they retreated immediately.
Later, more police forces arrived at the area only to be attacked yet again. The policemen retreated once more, because the Civilian Protection Minister has strictly ordered that no officer enters university grounds. He wouldn't like it if the anarchists and illegal immigrants residing there were annoyed, since they are a useful addition to the "antifascist front" against Golden Dawn, a front that has the support of the "eternal rivals", the liberal "New Democracy" and the Maoist/Stalinist/Trotskyist/Eurocommunist/etc "SYRIZA". He also wouldn't like it if the smugglers were annoyed, because they are the victims of Golden Dawn's "racist" attacks, and therefore enjoy legal immunity.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The FAI-IRF claims responsibility for the bomb attack, intentions to murder admitted

 "We attack the fascists with every means - with batons, knifes, screwdrivers, with fire, with explosions, with bullets. We map the Golden Dawners and set up ambushes, we beat them to a pulp. Better to defeat some of them now, before they raise their heads."

With threats against members of Golden Dawn, and normal citizens as well, the responsibility for the bomb attack of the Parastate on our offices on Whitetower was claimed. The useful idiots that took the responsibility of the enactment of the bourgeois politician's threats is an organization named "Antifascist Front - Informal Anarchist Federation".

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Militia Guard on action - Kalamata

Last night, after the rallies for the Gregoropoulos murder, teams of leftists and anarchists attempted -with the protection of the police- to attack the Sectoral Organization Offices of Kalamata. This sad phenomenon was repeated multiple times in multiple cities (Patra, Salonika), with Parastate agents destroying our offices and the official State agents just watching.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hundrends of Nationalists present to fight State-sponsored Terrorism

Hundreds of Greeks came on the ruins of the Western Attica Sectoral Organization offices at Whitetower, were they listened to the General Secretary's speech, under the presence of all of our MPs. The message was a clear one against the terrorist attacks the State and the Parastate are organizing, because bombs will not bend the will of the Social Nationalist Movement, but instead they are giving us faith in our Struggle, because we now know we tread a righteous path.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Social Solidarity Program, "Doctors with Borders"

Golden Dawn has proven multiple times that she is the only political party to keep her promises. In few days, the Social Solidarity program of Golden Dawn will reach new heights with the creation of the "Doctors with Borders". After the food distributions, the blood bank and the employment office, the S.S. program will cover Greece's needs on Health and Treatment departments. Of course the service is available to Greeks only.
All doctors that want to take part in this effort to help our compatriots, especially now that the Public Health sector is diminishing, can contact the responsible Counselor of Health Care of the Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn requests from all the members of the Greek Society to contribute for the greater good of the whole.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deafening explosion, deafening silence from the bourgeoisie parties



People of unknown identity placed a high magnitude bomb (3 kilos of dynamite!) on the Golden Dawn offices of Whitetower (which is one of the most active Social Solidarity centers in Greece) which exploded in 04.00 am (Greek time). The bomb caused extensive damage. A meter-wide crater was created and the strong blast wave hit every shop in the district and caused a meter-wide hole on the wall of a nearby shop. The bottom floor was completely destroyed. Nearby cars and house took a severe hit from the blast, and the shop of a Greek near our offices has been completely destroyed.
The details of the bomb's structure are creepy. The techs located bullets (like the ones contained in the shells of a hunting shotgun) in holes sprayed all over the 50-meter radius of the blast area. The bomb's intention was to KILL.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Threats from the party responsible for the crisis


Golden Dawn responded decisively against the announcement of PASOK's president, Mr. Venizelos, that he will start an initiative to expose the "unconstitutional" character of our Party.

The Social Solidarity program and those opposed to it

The Sectoral Organization of Libadia and the Social Nationalist Movement stood decisively and with iron will against the Marxist's attempts to cancel our programmed food drive.
State and para-state went berserk on their attempts to stop our Social Solidarity program.
The enemies of our People tried to no avail to prevent those actions that take place throughout the country and are about solidarity between the Greeks and the Social Nationalists to help them withstand the memorandums and the traitorous decisions of our politicians, but they failed laughably when faced against the wall of protection of the Nationalist Phalanx!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Ministry of External Affairs under the guidance of the Turks

The Kurdistan Worker's Party(PKK) characterized as "a terrorist organization"!

Golden Dawn has reminded us many times the danger of the consequences that this crisis may have on our foreign policy. Our fears were confirmed with the Minister's of External Affairs last night statements, where he announced as that Greece, for the first time, will list PKK as a terrorist organization! It is clear that Greece's public opinion does not agree to this characterization, which among many things, also betrays the timeless dogma that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". The worst thing is that everything points out that the Ministry's sudden change of heart is due to pressure from the West. And one can't be easily convinced that this pressure came from the EU without Turkey's involvement. This arises from the apologetic tone of the statement, and the fact that it was made in response to a book presentation, "The Anatomy of the war in Kurdistan," written by a Kurd and leader of the PKK, Murat Karayilan, that was held in the War Museum of Athens. The representative of the Ministry said that the people that gave the conference room to the Kurds were punished!! Those facts are extremely worrisome if we find out that the pressures on the Greek side came from Turkey.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Inaugural conference to set up Social Nationalist Syndicate

Ιδρυτική συνδιάσκεψη συνδικαλιστικού οργάνου οδηγών ταξί υπό την αιγίδα της Χρυσής Αυγής
On December 2nd a conference will be held at our Headquarters and we will be aiming to form a new Syndicate to represent the taxi drivers.  The Greek taxi drivers is yet another group that is harmed by the austerity policies of the state, immigrants stealing their pay, and uncontrollable criminality that made this occupation extremely dangerous. During the inaugural conference the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos, as well as Ilias Kasidiaris and Ioannis Lagos, will be present. Some of the first initiatives of the Union will be the arrangement of free transportation for the disabled Greeks and cooperation with petrol stations that hire Greeks and not illegal immigrants.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Red October exposed

An event-tribute to the October Revolution, under the lead of the League of Radical Left (Syriza) took place on 26/11 at the Law School of Athens. The related announcement reads:
"95 years ago, the October Revolution places her seal on the historical events. In a critical period like the one we're living in, her importance is undeniable. Red Marks Editions, motivated by the republication of John Reed's historical book "Ten Days that Shook the World", will be organizing an event dedicated to the great October Revolution."
We will be writing an article dedicated to the October Revolution as well. The revolution that brought to Russia the first communist regime in the world. Of course, we aren't going to simply retell the events of the revolt. Our goal is to enter the hidden pages of history and examine the purposes and the motives of the powers that were behind the outbreak of the Communist revolt at that specific time and place.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Free medical exams for Greeks

Δωρεάν ιατρικές εξετάσεις ΜΟΝΟ ΓΙΑ ΕΛΛΗΝΕΣ

In a continuation of the Socialist Program by the Golden Dawn, the Sectoral Organization of Salonika will offer free medical exams to Greeks. The state neglects them and at the same time hospitalizes foreigners, asking the Greeks in need for huge sums of money.
Healthcare is a good that should be offered for free to every law-abiding and taxed Citizen. But in modern society, it is offered for free for everyone that declares himself to be a non-Greek.
Soon, the specific social service will be offered in Athens, upon the opening of our new offices in Mesogeion St.

Officials visit the island of Crete - Greeted with warm welcomes.

With fervor and enthusiasm hundreds of Cretans welcome the MPs and Deputies of the Golden Dawn and her Cores to the island. The crowd was gathered outside the offices of the Golden Dawn in the city to attend the lectures of our MPs. The team consisted of fellow Christos Pappas, Ilias Kasidiaris, Nikos Michos and Constantine Barmparousis and leaders of various Sectoral Organizations. The event was a great success, as the Cretans turned their back against the anarchists and the faux socialists that called for an "antifascist" rally, preferring to listen to the voice of truth, the official language of the Golden Dawn!

While they fall, we rise.

A new poll was conducted in order to map the political scene before the application of the new austerity measures. Judging by our unstoppable rise and the likewise persistent fall of the "New Democracy", we will soon become Greece's second political party. The results are here, along with an ideological tag(AM=Austerity measures):

Golden Dawn, Class warfare and the Nation

 Social Nationalism, in its practice, rejects completely and without second thoughts the domination of one class upon another but does not pursue Class Warfare, instead it pursues the coexistence of the classes for the benefit of the Nation and the People. There is no room in the meritocratic society of Social Nationalism for an exploited and an exploitative class, but every social class has to do its part and give its share to the People's Society, coordinated by the State of the National-Popular Government. This dimension of our political consciousness is clearly and completely expressed with our slogan : "Social reconstruction and recalibration".

Monday, November 26, 2012

USA's frightened by Russia's interest in Greece

"Find a solution for the problem, or Russia will take advantage of it"

The USA are pressuring the EU to give Greece a disbursement date immediately or to start giving the money anyway, even slowly, because they are worried of uprisings and possible revolutions. In contacts with EU officials, the USA minister of Economics expressed the "concerns" and "interest" of the US to immediately find a "viable solution".  American reports conclude that "Greece will be the center of a geopolitical conflict, mainly against Russia, if we don't manage to comtrol the crisis within the next months."

 Since always, Golden Dawn reminded the need for strong alliances with the Slavic brothers in the North.

Friday, November 23, 2012

MP wage reduction enforced after Golden Dawn's persecution

Μειώνονται οι απολαβές των βουλευτών μετά τις αποκαλύψεις της Χρυσής Αυγής
 Parliament announces reduction of expenses after Golden Dawn's Spokesman, Ilias Kasidiaris, revealed MP payrolls, with wages ranging from 8.000 to 20.000 Euros.
Specifically , on the meeting of the the Presidents of the House of Parliament, Vaggelis Meimarakis announced that MP wages and bonuses will be drastically reduced. Support bonuses (transportation expenses, phone bills, office equipment) will be reduced by 20%-25%. Special committee attendance bonus will be reduced by 50%. Also the wages of MP associates will be reduced by 35%.

Of course, those measures are a step towards the right direction, even though they are not enough, because the society suffers much larger wage reductions in already small wages (if those exist, since the unemployed have none). Those decisions made by the House of Parliament come few days after comrade Ilias Kasidiaris exposed the ridiculously high payrolls of our professional traitors and the social uprisings that ensued the following days.

They will have to understand that they can't keep living in luxury while the People starves. They will also suffer the poverty they brought down unto us.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

José Antonio Primo de Rivera - Present!!

" While the current horrible economical crisis strives to destroy the middle class and the workers suffer the plight of unemployment like never before, the profits of the ruling class, the tycoons of the banking system, are incredibly high. So, the duty of the workers is the following: To destroy the liberal system by putting an end to the political cliques and the sharks of the banking system"
 (Arriba, issue #20)

José Antonio Primo de Rivera - Founder of the Spanish "Falange".

Today in history, on the 20th of November 1936, he is executed by his Bolshevik captors, after the Stalinist-like mock trial at the Alicante Prison, under the accusation that he "conspired against democracy".

An initiative: Against child abuse

Motivated by the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse (19th of November), members of the Social Solidarity team of the Evoia-Voiotia L.O. , visited a Greek family, whose 4 children (girls aged 3 to 7 years) were victims of abuse by their very own father. Thankfully, the mother moved legally and took the father away from those children. Filled with hesitation against people, the girls gladly accepted the toys we offered them.

Ceremony to honor the fallen warriors of the Battle of Marathon

Hundreds of Nationalists were gathered today on the Tomb of the Marathon Warriors to commemorate and pay their honors to the Heroes that gave their Blood to defend our ancestral homeland and the Greek Race.

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Golden Dawn Offices in Agrinium

The opening ceremony of yet another one of our offices, in Agrinium, was successfully completed. With their presence, the MPs of Athens and the surrounding areas honored us. The attendance of the people was also big. It shows the true support the Golden Dawn has. The Offices will coordinate our comrades there to effectively help the poor Greeks.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Massive food distribution by the Golden Dawn

From early morning, one hour before the massive food drive by the Golden Dawn begins, the square was flooded with Greeks that are daily being assaulted by the heartless politics of the Memorandum. Thousands of Greeks were supplied food from our first Social Solidarity mass action after the voting of the new austerity measures that drive the Greek People to poverty. This action was honored by the presence of every Golden Dawn MP and the members of the Sectoral Organizations of Attica. The disabled, unemployed and those with large families were prioritized.

Golden Dawn filling the gaps of the corrupt State

Members of the local Golden Dawn core of Serres were present on the port of Kerkini, where they decided to solve the problem of the State's absence by checking the illegal immigrant fishermen of the area.  An announcement made by the local organization reports the following:

Evicted from Facebook

Anarchists, communists, Social Nationalists.We all claim to be revolutionaries, fighting against the System, and amongst each other. But how does a revolutionary knows he is truly fighting against the system and is not, in fact, used by the regime to crush other revolutionaries??  The answer is simple: If you are a genuine revolutionary, the system will fight you with all its might.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A few days delay

Due to work, updates will be delayed a bit. We are still here, stay tuned for more news from Golden Dawn!!

-- The Administration

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Social Nationalists under Government surveillance

The "Democracy" monitors our phones!!

There are many who claim that in this phase, the state is under dissolution and nothing works in the country. Basically, they aren't wrong, but there are some sectors that not only are NOT under dissolution, but instead work perfectly and continue to expand!! Such as the bugging of phones of Greek citizens by the Counter-terrorism Agency and Intelligence Service!!

To not doubt us and accuse us that we, the... fascists, spread these anti-democratic rumors, here's what is reported by the mainstream media:

EL.AS (Greek Police) and E.Y.P. (Greek CIA) have been watching the phones of more than 50,000 people! Just this year, the official number of surveillance cases, due to "national security" reasons, increased by 70%!! In addition, seven telecommunications companies submitted reports that there were security problems in their network.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

About Money

On the eve of the new anti-worker austerity measures I think it is appropriate to talk about the scandalous factor, money. I will try to refrain from referring to current events for these reasons: Firstly,  I don't think that there is even a single sane person that doesn't understand that the "current events" the big TV channels present, exist to serve certain interests and nothing more. Secondly, if we comment on current events we might have to insult the government, something that the "democratic" state has already banned, as it slowly does with opinions different than that of the government. Thirdly, I believe that an ideological and historical analysis of this issue will be a more interesting one, as a means of moving away from the mess of the developments and examining this item a bit more carefully. We will begin with a small historical reference stopping at the main phases of money's history, we will see their correlation with something else and I will quote some opinions regarding this correlation. This is not something unessential, because this is the means that allow the financial games to exist, bringing misery that crushes the Peoples.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Greeks reward Golden Dawn's struggle

When we set foothold in the Parliament with a 6.92% of Greeks supporting us, we knew that we would quickly grow. Why?? Not because of the abstract concept of Capitalism->Crisis->"Fascism" as some people like to believe. We saw who the true fascists were when they tried to outlaw a democratically elected party. When they harassed our members and voters by calling 440.894 Greeks the most degrading and insulting names in National TV. When they ignored constitutional laws that forced TV channels to give us a chance to declare our ideology.When they enforce anti-Greek brainwashing programs in schools to make students hate their heritage. When the "Socialists" and the Capitalists, the two sworn "enemies" forged an alliance against us.
So if not the Crisis, what led to Golden Dawn's rise??

Monday, November 5, 2012

Aiding poor families

Επισκέψεις σε άπορες οικογένειες σε Ωρωπό και Δήλεσι

 Last week, members of the Social Solidarity team of the Regional Organization of Evoia, proceeded to visit the homes of poor Greek families and delivered large amounts of food to them. This time, it was a women's issue. Four comrades of the White Women's Front highlighted once again the social face of the Greek Nationalist Movement.

Social Solidarity from the Golden Dawn in Kavala.

Κοινωνική Αλληλεγγύη από την ΝΕ Καβάλας στην Χρυσούπολη
For the third time with 40 days, the Prefectural Committee of Kavala, successfully completed her Social Solidarity program in Chrysoupoli, by distributing large amounts of food to Greek men and women from the surrounding areas.
So, with the initiative of our comrades, they collected -within a short time period- a large amount of food (potatoes, fresh bread, yogurt, pasta etc) from local suppliers that either sold them for a reduced price or gave them completely free, in the effort to economically support our weaker compatriots.

 And truly, the whole effort was successful: More than 200 compatriots had the chance to receive a large amount and variety of food, even bigger than last time! They also had the chance to be informed about our Regional Organization's activity and converse with our members about issues that concern them regarding the current situation in Greece and the fierce battle the Golden Dawn fights, inside and outside the parliament, in order to restore our motherland.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/koinwnikh-allhlegguh-apo-thn-ne-kabalas-sthn-chrusoupolh#.UJeRumf_Ddc

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Jews and the War to outlaw Golden Dawn

  The terror and desperation of the enemies of Golden Dawn know no boundaries! This time the Jewish community of Greece expressed their complaints for our rising support and resorts to meaningless efforts to propagandize against us. Specifically, like the fine "democrats" they are, they decided to educate children "the right way", by organizing trips to the Jewish Museum of Greece. They think that if the students come in touch with the Jewish heritage they will avoid the Golden Dawn's massive rise and "democratize" our youth, which unfortunately for them seems to be giving large percentages to the Social Nationalist Movement. Additionally, the cooperation of the Jewish community with the government is so transparent that they are already organizing trips to Jerusalem, so that students can "delve" even deeper in Jewish culture.
We understand, therefore, what is the substance of true fascism, since from an early age, children will be forced to come in contact with everything that isn't connected to Greece and our National Heritage. So we are talking about pure brainwashing here, and the Greek Jewish community believes that even that is not enough, so it cooperates with Jewish communities in other countries in order to resolve the "problem", all while they are deciding to re-finance those "educational" excursions anew. Still, they call the Government to proceed with overall restructures, dispersing propagators in universities, schools and the press, causing fear against the allegedly xenophobic and fascist Golden Dawn. Our answer to them once again is that no matter how hard they try to act like Democrats, the Greek people now see the truth. The propaganda they disseminate no longer works and the only thing they accomplish is to increase our support. We wish them a speedy recovery!! 

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/ston-polemo-gia-thn-anaschesh-ths-chrushs-aughs-kai-oi-ebraioi#.UJW7lmf_Ddc

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Allegory of the Cave

The bourgeois are disturbed because the long arm of the anti-Greek state finally reached their pockets. They weren't disturbed when their neighbor's child died from the drugs that the state itself sold in the schools. They were annoyed because their allowance was reduced, but they forgot in the blink of an eye the people that were killed by the Left "deep state" at the Marfin bank, in its attempts to suppress the Volk's righteous anger. They claim to worry about the continuously inflating unemployment, however they are the same wicked people that buy their neighbor's agony in cash. He was left unemployed by them, because its the bourgeoisie that employs illegal immigrants in the fields, the construction sites, the restaurants. They curse the politicians but view with skepticism anything not under their control, anything that isn't propagated by channels of disinformation and degeneracy. Anything that isn't promoted by the regime's mouthpieces. They anxiously anticipate the developments regarding Greece's natural deposits, but some time ago, when they didn't know about the oil and the natural gas deposits, they praised any Leftist prick that declared that "the Aegean belongs to its fish". Even now they view  the measures that seize the Greek working class's rights as "fair" while their own are left relatively intact, ignoring the fact that THEIR TIME IS DUE. Like ostriches, they hide their heads in the sand in a desperate attempt to escape the ugly truth regarding our society. They are the prisoners of the allegoric cave, those that will try to hide the truth by any means necessary, in order to keep their deep sleep undisturbed. They are the bourgeois.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Golden Dawn's Identity

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Our responsibility

 Many people wonder what Golden Dawn truly represents. Even we pose this question on ourselves, in moments of meditation. We begun as a nationalist organization 30 years ago. Those 30 years weren't at all easy for us. We introduced many to the Nationalist ideals. And above all, this "nazi" gang stood the test of time. We were the seed that always survives until the time comes for us to sprout, when the circumstances are right. Now we have grown for good! And we keep on growing steadily. A wide and raging river of indignant Greeks is following us. They are the Greeks that managed, after dire challenges, defeat the prejudices and the fear that accompanies them. We see today our Movement growing and being one step before governing. But alas!! Our Fatherland, like all of us individually, is going through rough times. Our responsibility is a big one, to guide it where it belongs. The challenge is a great one. But that means that, with the help of God and the People, our final victory will also be a great one!! Only we represent the interests of the Nation. A Nation that is fighting under the most harsh conditions. So what is Golden Dawn?? We are the vanguard of a fighting Nation!!

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The Truth about Golden Dawn - Updated

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Added Greek Blood Bank

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A provocative initiative by George Soros

 We have said and wrote many time that the "international" principals have long ago prepared a plan to replace the Greeks with a multiracial, shapeless mass, unable to resist their plans of the financial and cultural conquest of Greece.
Part of their plan is obviously the combination of uncontrollable illegal immigration, the corruption of the Police Forces and the unprecedented economical attack against Greece and many more, like the "Turkeyfication" of the "Greek" television.
The Greek have suddenly lost what they were working their whole lives to earn, losing their homes by the thousands, all while experiencing the nightmare of nonexistent safety and imported criminality that plagues most neighborhoods. And while the Greeks try to adapt to this new, grim reality, the famous "chosen", George Soros, announces the creation of funds that will be used to build houses in Greece, for immigrants to stay in.
This annoucment, that makes every Greek cringe from anger thinking that once more everyone cares about the illegal immigrants and not for the Greeks in need, was immediately congratulated by the famous man of "Greek" politics, the MP that always takes the day out, the former PM, George Papandreou, commenting that this is an "idea with vision".
It truly is a "vision", the vision of globalization that machinates the death of the Greek Nation. Our duty is to eradicate it.

Source:  http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/prwtoboulia-proklhsh-gia-tous-ellhnes-apo-ton-soros#.UJGDo2cY1Ds

Reactions in Israel because of Golden Dawn's reference on the Zionist Protocols

Jerusalem Post: "Kasidiaris spoke about the Protocols"
Under the title "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion read aloud in Greek Parliament", the Jerusalem Post reported about Ilias Kasidiaris's reference on the "Protocols" during his speech in the Parliament, and which the newspaper calls an "antisemitic forgery".

The issue of the Protocols bug humanity for a century, regarding their authenticity, or lack thereof. The point is that their credibility is increasing because of the results that stem from the world's geopolitical, economical and political developments. If reality herself contradicted them, then there wouldn't be a need to question their authenticity.

We will quote some of the protocols, those that have a disturbing similarities with our daily life. There are 24 of them, but due to space limits we can't write them here, but you can easily search for them in the Internet. They were created in 1900 and for many years were accused of being a fake and antisemitic creation of the Ochrana, the Czar's secret police. We know that the Czar had a bad end and that the "fake", according to some, documents are very detailed and prophetic even if they were written a century ago. Judge it us you will, but they are a read worthy of your time.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Patra Riots - Golden Dawn standing by the citizens

May 21, 2012

 Athanasios Lazanas, aged 29, gets murdered right in front of his own house by 3 illegal Afghan immigrants. The Afghans attacked him because his dogs were barking on them, and in the Muslim faith, dogs are considered to be unclean. They attack him with a dagger, stabbing him 6 times and twisting the blade to inflict deadly hits. He manages to crawl to a nearby house, and name the race of his murderers with his dying breath. The Police manages to arrest them, and to everyone's surprise, one of the brutal murderers was a minor, aged 17. It is also revealed that two of the perpetrators were arrested in the past for illegally entering and staying in the country, but Greece's "humanist" laws allowed them to walk around freely. His funeral is today.

After the funeral, the society of Patra decides they had enough.

Regarding "hate"

Many things are being told and written about the Golden Dawn lately. And this is only natural. Not only have we entered the Parliament, but we are also the third largest party according to the polls. The conspiracy of silence shall not pass. So our opponents -everyone, that is- have resorted in slandering and insulting our Movement. We could attribute to their sycophantic campaign the accusations that we supposedly hate the illegal immigrants.
We inform them that we don't hate any illegal immigrant. We love our Motherland, Greece. Those of us that had to live, even for a short time period, in foreign lands know what it means to leave your homeland, and if this is a nice experience or not. So we don't hate them. But we can't tolerate this situation anymore. The minister of Civilian Protection has called this illegal immigration invasion the biggest one since the "decent" of the Dorians in 1.100 BC!
The racial and demographic distortion of the Greek population is an immediate danger, as well as the destruction of the social fabric from a cultural and traditionalist perspective. We love our Motherland and no one can doubt that. That is why we don't what its racial and cultural annihilation. In the end, what are all these people looking for here?? There aren't enough jobs for the Greeks themselves. Why don't they go to beg for obs in their lands?? At least they will be on their homelands.
We are also in danger from a military perspective. What will we do if one day they rise up in arms, against us?? You understand that it isn't hate whatever we are feeling against them. Our Motherland, that we love so much, is IN DANGER!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Truth about Golden Dawn

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The Golden Dawn Greek Worker's Employment Office - Our Mindset

For the purposes of the Employment Office, we are daily visiting big enterprises and corporations to examine the availability of the jobs there, working conditions, but also the course of the employees hired there through our actions. Given the current financial situation, the rising unemployment and the difficulties of survival the Greek companies face, we try to make the employers realize their responsibilities towards the local community and the national economy, and the employees realize their responsibility regarding the position they are covering.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The "Chosen" are advising...

....To ban Golden Dawn now, before her support reaches 20%!!

Between the "chosen" (The word can have many meanings, it could in fact derive from the "chosen people"....) appearances on the extremely defamatory and anti-GD show of the former (?) Stalinist and currently supporter of the regime, Paul Chimas, was that of Jean-Yves Camus, a "researcher and journalist specializing in the European extreme right",  as they mentioned in one of his interviews on the Leftist newspaper "Dawn" . He is also a reporter of a Jewish newspaper in France, "Actualite Juive", as they failed to mention...