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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Anarchism and racial dialectics

About a century ago, the labor movement was conquered by Marxism and social democracy. The orthodox Left poisoned the workers with internationalism and cosmopolitanism. During those times, the only worthy adversaries of this development were the Anarchists under Mikhail Bakunin. Unfortunately even the Anarchists were absorbed by the internationalist bloc and stopped being any threat to Capitalism, making anarchists today the worst enemies of Nationalism.

Marx wrote that the proletariat doesn't have a homeland or a nationality. Internationalist capitalists, like G. Maisonrouge of IBM also declare that the borders that divide the nations are meaningless, nationality isn't important for the multinational corporations. Anyone, no matter their race, can become a consumer.

Capitalism and Marxism: Both are anti-national.

Bakunin underlined that Capitalism had the tendency to expand and dominate on a world scale and that the modern state, no matter how "red" it may be, it will also have this tendency to become "international"(State and Anarchism,1873). Marx saw this rising internationalization of Capitalism as another step towards the extinction of the national identities. However, instead of denouncing this development, he welcomes it as a step towards the "world government" (Communist Manifesto, 1848). What we face today is, in fact, the creation of a world capitalist government under the flag of the New World Order. To make this easier for the masses to swallow, it is accompanied by moralistic slogans like "world peace and democracy". Every nation that steps out of line (e.g. Iraq, Syria) is punished by the UN/USA that act as if they are the planet's police. We are already living under the regime of a de facto dictatorship.

The racially homogenous community was the original "Commune"
Going against Marxism and Capitalism, Bakunin was a supporter of the racial community, the national organic whole. In 1848 in his "Appeal to the Slavs", Bakunin requested the dissolution of the old empires that were "composed of various nations which had been all chained together by ruse". The liberated Slavs would "stretch their free hands to all their brothers of the Slav race". This national liberation would be the first step towards a "Universal Federation of European Republics". Bakunin also requested the recognition of "the absolute right of each nation, each people, of each province, of each commune, to complete autonomy" within a federal Europe that would ensure peace, justice and freedom "between the different Peoples that form the European family". In 1873, Bakunin warned his "Slav brothers" to not join the Marxist social democratic party because it wasn't a "national party". We see that the original idea of the commune was that of the national community (based on racial criteria as a matter of fact).

Seal of the Black Hand
Nationalism and Anarchism were truly the most revolutionary and progressive ideas of the 19th century and contributed in the destruction of the old abnormal and artificial empires (like the Austro-Hungarian empire). This is the reason why in many articles of the 19th and the 20th century the terms "nationalist" and "anarchist" are very often interchangeable or even identical when they are directed towards specific people. For example, the Serbs of the Black Hand that assassinated Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 were called in the newspapers of the era sometimes as "Serbian anarchists" and sometimes as "Serbian nationalists". Indeed the anarchists of the Black Hand fought for a free and independent "Great Serbia" that would be the home of every Serb. Another example is the Russian Civil War, where Bakunin's "prophecies" were fulfilled when the Ukrainian anarchists fought against the Soviet Union imperialists in favor of national independence.

Flag of the Ukrainian anarchists
This perception of anarchism conflicts with the anti-national dogmas of Capitalism and Marxism. Both those ideas fight against the national identities and traditions in favor of some artificial states and, in the end, the World Government. The homogenous racial community is a natural formation and doesn't need to be controlled by such artificial dogmas. The current dreadful situation in Europe today is, in fact, the result of the current liberal system that adopted Marxist "humanism".

Bakunin also rejected the economist interpretations of history and social relations offered by Marxism and Capitalism and adopted racialist dialectics. He says:
"To support his political program Marx developed a particular theory that is just the logical extension of the present system. He completely ignores a most important element in the historic development of humanity, that is, the temperament and particular character of each race and each people, a temperament and a character which are themselves the natural product of a multitude of ethnological, climatological, economic and historic causes but which exercise, even apart from and independent of the economic conditions of each country, a considerable influence on its destinies and even on the development of its economic forces."
 The anarchists today have become the ultimate enemy of the nationalists. They have been subverted and their main goal is not to achieve something, but rather to stop us from achieving anything. They dedicate their efforts only to the destruction of the national identity. To them, racial communities are an anathema. All over the world they are always seen supporting Marxists and their parties. In Greece, the state works hard to outlaw the Golden Dawn and the anarchists do their piece by trying to terrorize us with murders and arsons. Which is to say they walk hand in hand and raise their fists again a mutual enemy. They have become the polar opposite of the Anarchists of the 19th century.

However nationalists today can learn from the ideas and practices of the original anarchists. Such formations are the forerunners of determined and successful Social Nationalist parties, including Golden Dawn.


  1. What's wrong with these anarchists aren't they born greek aren't they proud of their heritage?? And yet they want to destroy the only real party that is for the greeks..who are they for???

  2. I don't think it's a good tendency by the nationalists to see anarchism as an alternative. The race, the nation, and the leader can only exist in a holy order - in hierarchy.

    The leftists can use even nationalism for their goals, when they say to the soldier that he is equal to its leader because they are the sons of the same nation. But no, they are not equal and the soldier have to accept that the leader is above him. He has to accept ἱεραρχία.

    We need order and discipline to achieve our goal, not ideological chaos and hooligans.
    Think about the SA, the SS and the Kristallnacht.

  3. This makes alot of sense to me, although I personally think culture is more important than pure race. In any case the Kanaka Maoli have had our own struggle for sovereignty and self determination here in Hawaii.

    The white race isnt in this alone! Best of luck to Greece and I hope someday we in Hawaii have our own chance and true socialism.


  4. Racial Nationalism is the reality. Race, then nation, are the order for all free peoples. Without racially conscious leaders, there is no country, without a nation, there is only strife.

    IRON KRAFT (Britain)

  5. Remember Golden Dawners, you should not dwell on the Third Reich. Third Reich was never the Greek's land. Greece is a country totally separate from Germany, Greeks were civilized and educated when Germans were still a bunch of pagan savages and barbarians. Modern Greek culture was founded on Orthodox Christianity, God created you Greek people and Greek people welcomed Christianity like no other people. I even noticed this when reading the New Testament. Greeks managed the Eastern Roman Empire, which was a multiethnic empire with Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians, Lebanese, Serbs, Bulgarians, Albanians. But all these peoples shared a common faith: the Eastern Orthodox Church. Jews and Turks are Greek's enemies because their faith is totally opposed to you.

  6. As much as I keep trying to overlook and try to help my confused white brothers the more I tire of trying to convince the brainwashed. these white liberals in america I have a hard time looking at them as people. If a liberal aka socialist commie was on fire I wouldnt waste good urine to put out the flames. Sad its that way bit the jew run country I live in has hardened me to the point of not caring about them even if they are white.

    Citizen who lost his country

  7. I agree. The way I like to say it is that a tribe makes a race, but not vice versa. The same can be said for a nation. I'd say "hello" in Tlingit, but we don't have such a word, nor "goodbye." So in closing: self determination and autonomy for all!