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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

URGENT!: The Greek Police forbids gatherings, aiming to boycott Golden Dawn

 They are trying to ban our Social Solidarity program amidst a the financial crisis caused by a pathetic regime.
 The Chief of Police has outlawed every gathering in the area of Attica Square for today, aiming of course to prevent today's soup kitchen.
 According to his announcement, all gatherings in and around the vast area of Attica Square, from 12.00 to 24.00 today, are forbidden. Could it be a coincidence that the Social Solidarity event was to happen at 18.00? The reasons they present are pathetic. This soup kitchen gives priority to the unemployed and to the large families, and those people aren't there to threaten "public safety".
 Well, let them know that the Social Nationalist movement will not back down when faced with those pitty tactics.  We are ready to face them!


  1. The Chief of Police is not beyond reach and must be made aware that he can be taken out and his family at any time if he wants to cause trouble not only for himself but for the Jew puppet politicians then he is opening up a can of worms.
    GOLDEN DAWN has so many committed members that can see that this is just a provocation and inciting the GOLDEN DAWN, will they dare ??
    Well lets just see what happens next.

  2. Holocaust Fairy TalesJuly 24, 2013 at 4:10 PM

    I wonder how much the jew is paying off this Police Chief?

    The jew rats crawl out of a Jerusalem sewer to send their orders to the puppets in Athens.

    The invasion from Jerusalm is here comrade!

    The dirty kikes have set up a hot line in Germany all the way from Jerusalm to track down Holohoax survivors in their 90s.

    Shylock always remembers because it is about $$. Just for get about the million dead for opium (the jew is the TOP drug dealer with the CIA/Mossad) or the endless wars that have killed 100s of millions of the white race including jew abortion and hebrew/ Zion /Communism.

    Efriam it is you that can give back the German name you stole --along with the 60 billion for your fake halocaust.

    NS charge YOU with GENOCIDE

    All patriotic white people; the jew has set up a hotline with a reward for finding Holohoax criminals for the fake Gas Chambers.

    I wonder how many fake spam calls they will get?


  3. Don't back down...Europe needs you.

  4. William and Kates,baby the future king of England, who is third in line to the throne, is a Jew.
    The Jew cancer is spreading everywhere and must be stopped.

  5. Assassination will become a necessary future tool to clear the way forward of the Jew scum.

    Small teams that can move quickly are less likely to be detected and have a greater chance of success, as long as good in depth-reconnaissance is done.

    I know, and am sure that there are true patriots out there waiting for the call to do just that, all hail the patriots of the GOLDEN DAWN.

  6. Greek taking care of other greeks... what the hell is wrong With that.. we live in a truly fucked up world! the government wants to tell other political partys who they can help or not... sick!

  7. Remember the Holodomor!

  8. Zionist jews trying to stop the Golden Dawn. Hope Golden Dawn gives them hell on earth!!! Time for the Zionist to disappear!

    1. This is part of a world wide awakening, study the Jew & their Talmud sick law, its time to rid the planet of these scum parasites,the world is in support of the righteous!

  9. The COP is a DMW we are 100 ex-army ready to do battle.
    Banning a soup kitchen in order to starve the Greek people!! Did not the jews do that to millions of Ukrainians, took away their grain so that 5 million starved to death.
    Holodomor emphasize the man-made aspects of the famine, arguing that it was genocide; some consider the resultant loss of life comparable to the Holocaust. They argue that the Soviet policies were an attack on the rise of Ukrainian nationalism and therefore fall under the legal definition of genocide.

  10. "public safety"? This coming from a bunch of criminal plutocRATS that are purposely and deliberately allowing all the third world scum to flood Athens to kill, rape and eventually replace the native Greeks!

    And what they do now, trying to stop the Golden Dawn from feeding only Greeks, is also criminal! In a just world these traitors/plutocrats would be hanging from the highest gallows! If it wasn't for the boys in black, Greeks would be facing what the ukranians faced during the Holomodor! God bless the Golden Dawn!

    1. "these traitors/plutocrats would be hanging from the highest gallows!" IN DUE TIME THEY WILL ANSWER FOR THEIR TREASON.

  11. I hope you burn in hell!!!

  12. The great Zog Machine is everywhere, but it can be taken down with enough support. They are organized, but it CAN and Will fall soon enough. Ever wonder why they are hated by all groups and countries, but the American Government, who does their bidding for them???They have all the money and political power here..... They are Satan's Children.