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Friday, July 26, 2013

Anarchists lethally attack comrades at Patras, with the full protection of the cops and the State

When the voluntarism of free labor for the benefit of the System migrates to the field of suppression, when ideological differences for issues like the modern slave trade and acts of resistance against the crimes of Zionism are punished with blood on the streets, when parastate terrorism is renamed to "struggle against the System", then we certainly live in the "New Age", the age of the Antifa.

 A car bearing 5 comrades (1 woman and 4 men) was ambushed by an antifa mob in Patras. A 60-year old comrade was seriously injured in his head and chest from attacks with wooden bats last night in Patras. Fifty anarchists threw him out from his car, which they completely destroyed, and dealt him many blows on his body but mostly on his head, having murderous intentions. The co-driver of the car was attacked with knives and has bone fractures on both of his legs, and his wife also has slight injuries. Their crime? They were present in a ceremony honoring the fallen Greeks during Attila's invasion of Cyprus. The murderous attack happened immediately after the end of the ceremony.

  We should note that the 60-yo comrade suffers from Thalassemia. This fact, combined with the multiple lacerations on his body and head, made the need of surgery critical. He was transferred to the ER of the Rio Hospital where he is in line for surgery.

Snitches of the state - Anarchists - Your best friends - Are the cops
Not ONE of the parastate agents got arrested, even though 25 people were initially transferred to the local police station. We are witnessing a parastate mechanism nurtured by high-ranking members of the System, nationally and internationally. No TV channel bat an eyelid in this sad attack, one day after the Social Solidarity event that fed 10.000 Greeks. If a foreigner got a scratch in some random brawl, we would have UNESCO and all the parliamentary parties "discovering" the rise of racism in Greece. Instead they only condemned the "soup kitchen of hate" and honored the "famine of love and tolerance".

 This crime was confessed on the infamous Indymedia, supported de facto by New Democracy and Syriza, and funded by the benevolent Jew George Soros. In the related post, it was revealed that antifas from Athens came to Patras for "backup".

 It's obvious that the System has toned up its struggle against us. But they fail to get the message:

Your bombs failed!
Your terrorism failed!
And your ideological cops will fail as well!
 Solidarity to the comrades that got attacked by this cowardly mob. Our heart is with them!


  1. What this scum sows so shall they reap the ones in power that have backed this cowardly assault need to be brought to heal as the dogs they are.

    George Soros must be visited and his family then maybe he will no the fear that he has tried to instill in the members & supporters of GOLDEN DAWN, GD will never fall.

    Assassinations are necessary as it is part of what goes on in war.

    As I have read we have 100+ ex-army personnel ready to deal with this filth, if they want a war then GD is ready...Blood & Honor.

    1. But you're not ready, (Yet), Don't start a War until you are sure you can Win.
      European Peoples respect and want Order and Discipline, the rule of Law, that is Your Best Weapon.
      Of course, you can make preparations, in the background just in case it becomes necessary, but for now, keep building on your successes and popularity.
      I send you Best Wishes from England.

  2. If you know the world is going to criticize you no matter what you do, if you truly understand that the anti GOLDEN DAWN groups are going to try to kill you, no matter what you do it removes the fear of making them angry.
    The prevention of future attacks needs a very careful and well-informed thinking through of what actions would weaken their position and then implement them.
    Assassination is an extreme measure that who has been selected by a resistance organization i.e. Golden Dawn for death, and whose death provides positive advantages to that organization.
    In safe assassinations, the assassin needs the usual qualities of a clandestine agent. He should be determined, courageous, intelligent, resourceful, and physically active. If special equipment is to be used, such as firearms or drugs, it is clear that he must have outstanding skill with such equipment.
    It is desirable that the assassin be transient in the area. He should have an absolute minimum of contact with the rest of the organization and his instructions should be given orally by one person only. His safe evacuation after the act is absolutely essential, but here again contact should be as limited as possible. It is preferable that the person issuing instructions also conduct any withdrawal or covering action which may be necessary.
    As GD has their own Militia I would set a trap for this scum and give them a taste of their own medicine, a lesson they will never forget. …As they say ,”never hit a man with glasses,” …..use a base ball bat!

  3. Be careful online.


  4. the antifa scum who did this need to be identified. talking about assasinations is playing into the hands of the enemies, Golden Dawn needs to have its supporters in the cops identify those who were arrested for that cowardly attack then their pictures can be published and they can be hounded from their lairs. Stupid suggestions such as assasinations come from provacatuers. Beware of them!!!

  5. I wish a speedy recovery to our fallen comrades.

    The wealth of the Rothchilds trust is estimated at 500 trillion dollars; International sovereign wealth can buy anybody... even lowlife Zion police chiefs.

    Israhell plans on putting up a statue to honour the Red Army -- in Jewish let our me that murdered millions

    See the documentary from David Duke


  6. Your brothers from America support you. Nationalism will NOT fail. It is the natural order of things. This global social experiment, which is spear headed by America WILL fail. Golden Dawn will prevail and will be our race's shining example of how to achieve victory. Drive the 3rd world scum into the 7 seas! Keep up the good fight GD!

  7. Eye for an eye?
    Just saying.
    2nd stage of truth: violently oppose

  8. Cheers to you, Golden Dawn! All my support to you! The US and western Europe could learn a whole lot from your resolve! You are a wonderful example to the entire white world!

    1. Its as if someone has lit a long fuse and nothing will put it out not even thuggery.

  9. And this is why... 1938 and relevant more so than even then.


    Just got it in my inbox... brilliant.

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  11. Don't call them anarchists. If the were, they would be attacking the state and its ministers. In reality, they are mercenaries of the state. They work for the state as you have described. Thus, they are no anarchists but mercenaries.

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