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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When the "enemies" become allies - Support for Golden Dawn surges

 The Social Democrat party of PASOK, the party that for 30 years was undermaning this country, the party that led Greece to the vile Memorandums, the party that was rightfully scorned by the people after they woke up, is still finding ways to hang on authority. It was saved by its "immortal enemy", New Democracy, the other partner in the bipartisan game they've been playing for all those decades. Samars and his criminal gang decided to give PASOK big and unpropotional for its pathetic percentages powers, always in line with the orders of the powers that be. The liberals of ND made this move, that for the average voter would seem impossible due to the "rivalty" of those two factions, because they needed to avoid elections by any means neccesary. Should we hold elections now, Democratic Left and PASOK would plunge, Syriza and ND would fall lower, and the People's Association of Golden Dawn would become powerful.

To avoid this scenario, they gave land and water to Benizelos and the corrupt PASOK. This move created cracks among the voters of ND. Thousands of Greeks have already left this "patriotic" honeypot and march towards Golden Dawn with defiance.

This government is a hostage government. A government that is supported by a measly 33% of the Greeks and bases its existance on PASOK, the party that has destroyed Greece. The Prime Minister decided to co-governm with the man that when he was the Minister of Finance under George Papandreou, he requested his resignation. Now he is willing to give Benizelos whatever he wants, or otherwise he can't prevent elections and the march of Golden Dawn.

Indeed, the Social Nationalist Movement has more than double percentages since the last elections. This latest poll, has Golden Dawn on 14,4%. Without counting absistence, Golden Dawn gets more than 18% ! This poll is before the ND-PASOK truce, so we expect to get even more support when the next poll is revealed.

No ND voter would expect, when they were voting just a year ago, that Samaras would govern hand in hand with Benizelos. The new government has the majority with 153 MPs. ND has 125 and PASOK 28. There are also many independent MPs that will support the government. We are expect to see Samaras giving the green light... for their return.

So, its the Golden Dawn that will reap the gains of this truce. Many voters are expected to move towards Golden Dawn. The New Democracy-PASOK government is one without the future. There is no way that they will manage to survive for 4 years!


  1. What percentage of the Greek military support Golden Dawn?

  2. I have nothing else to say than thanks. Thanks for this blog. Nothing more. It just needs to be said, from time to time. I appreciate everything you're doing to expose the enemies of European nations.

  3. Here piggy...here piggies ...

    Anybody know how much lard it takes to run the coalition government?

    It made the IT and they ignore GD....kkkosher.


  4. Disgusting traitors. Should offer free abortions and sterilizations to these immigrants. Fucking parasites

  5. Satanic Degeneracy:




  6. The traitors are regrouping and are running scared and they will not last, the time is coming nearer and sooner than they think for GOLDEN DAWN to crush this unholy alliance of Zionist pigs that have done so much damage to the Greeks.

    1. Unfortunately they all have accounts in Swiss banks ready to roll out when it hits the fan, but once the gates are closed completely, there'll be plenty of traitors left to hang. :)

  7. Yes; a military coup could speed things up.

    Trouble is, 99.9 of military in NWO countries, shill for Hymie ...

  8. Crazy. Ignorance is truely blissful. Lmao damn it I knew I should have taken the other pill. Reality of truth is too much sometimes. Nationalists have been asleep way too long only to start waking up and realizing the world is a huge fucking mess. Kinda like a trashed home after a 4day party and trying to figure what to clean up first and who to punish.

  9. What is irony?

    Perhaps it's appropriate to venture an observation;

    Little old ladies freezing to death in the middle of a bleak UK winter--unable to afford heat.

    And a little S.O.B of a man, after savage cuts, raids the EU trough; expecting billion-dollar handouts for his rich friends and special interests ...A1 treatment for the financial sector in the city of London, ie, kosher bankers.

    Step in to the light Jew pawn: Dave the moron.


  10. This is important please watch! It's about the USA , but it may as well be the UK. Or Greece...... We are in exactly the same situation.
    This guy's video on youtube has been so popular that Obama phoned him personally.
    He said he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House.
    Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit.
    That's very interesting.
    Watch it now before it's pulled from youtube, and pass it on to all Nationalists.


  11. Cultural Marxism is destroying the western world. Get out of the European Union. That is the first step to saving your country and getting rid of the illegal immigrants is the second.

  12. I wish i could somehow become part of this movement or donate to the Golden Dawn. I also wish we had a similar movement like that here in the US. Maybe I should move to Greece and sign up. It is time us white people should stand up for ourselves and fight against the ones dividing us for easy conquer.

  13. It seems that new democracy and pasok are puppetshow opposition parties as phony as the democrats and republicans of the american states.