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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Urgent! The Greek Government on the brink of collapse - Golden Dawn demands elections

Happening now: "Democratic Left" announces complete rapture with New Deocracy, elections very possible.
The situation is so tense that members of Democratic Left demand a Prime Minister of mutual acceptance now or after elections. Many journalists have info regarding elections, and a scenario in which the President of the Democracy will call all the political leaders in order to form a new government immediately, without elections.

The government of the Memorandum has failed and bankrupted. The only way to resolve the crisis is to give the People the chance to form a new Parliament. The rapid rise of the Golden Dawn against the System is the only hope for national and social rebirth.

UPDATE #1 : Democratic Left removes all its Ministers from the government.


  1. It just needs one domino to fall and like the USSR the embryo of a this hideous experiment of a authoritarian Marxist collectivisation of Europe will come tumbling down.

  2. True and rightful people that are Greek will soon claim their countty back from the invaders/occupiers the left thinks are "migrants". True parasites are what they are. Simular to a virus that consumes and consumes then moves to the next host country.
    God Bless Golden Dawn!

    1. And that will be England where the sheep people barely exist

  3. Well this is good, oh man soon the international jewry will be talking about Golden Dawn just watch i know they will. I think now people in Greece are seeing who the real enemy is and i think now they will see Golden Dawn as their saviors. I hate the comment i read from that chanscher of Germany such a traitor she needs to be hang for siding with international jewry and going against the German people. One thing i gotta know is that once Golden Dawn takes power there gonna keep it right? i know they probably will but just want to be sure.

    1. Fuck the jew octopus who has their filthy tentacles all over the planet. Fuck all the people on their knees happily accepting the genocide of thier people for a few coins. Fuck the islamic pricks and all should toss a pigs head at their mosques to enusre its unclean that way they will leave. God bless the GOLDEN DAWN!

    2. One thing i dont understand i thought it was a part of the muslim religion to hate jews, but they kill Europeans?

  4. I just hope they don't start doing this....


  5. What is Golden Dawn's game plan? I suppose it cannot be disclosed as it's a matter of national security. Of course, when GD gains power the Jewish media will crank and oil their vicious lie machine, Ilya Ehrenburg style. Golden Dawn will have to gain the loyalty of the military, that is NUMBER ONE. To minimize the propaganda for our enemies, the immigrants should be given a chance to leave first before forced deportation; financial incentives will not be in order as Greece is broke. Hate-laws against GREEKS should be passed. The Jewish community is the trickiest. If you assault the Jews, the UN and the U.S. will declare war. Yet THEY are the enemies. Tough call on deporting Jews, at least right away.

  6. The new era has begun, Greece is now awaken and with Greece, the whole Europe. GD will soon win power in Greece but it has to win the Greece people to be succesful. The following years will be hard and we'll just have to wait what the international jewry will do this time under the laws of "peacekeeping, humanitarism and anti-totalitarian state policy"(i know that GD is not for totalitarian system but jews will use any lie possible). If they strike(again), the people of Greece and others will strike harder this time!

  7. GD can lead the way with creating meaningful jobs for the youth and give them hope and pride.

    They will be able to get quick results with their economic platform.

    No lie or hack piece journalism will beat that.

  8. Europe awaits the new era of the GOLDEN DAWN with anticipation, a clean sweep of all the parasites which have brought about the virtual demise of Greece.
    The vile Chancellor of Germany and here Jew cohorts in the EU will try everything they can to stop you, stand firm and give no quarter to the traitors. Once GD takes control, the Nationalist through out Europe will rise and take Europe back from the EU what the EU and criminal Banks have stolen. The house of cards is about to fall to the GOLDEN DAWN, if you had one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, capture it, don't let it slip away. Greece and Europe need freedom now.

  9. Some good posts here.

    I agree the the mud filth should be given a chance to depart. A 24hr notice to report to a cleansing centre or be shot on site is fair.

    This goes double for Juden.

    The kike bankers are now ready to crash the world economy -- to keep the heat off.

    America is 16 trillion in the hole....no way out ; expect the crash soon.

    With chaos all over the world it should make for some advantages to nationalists everywhere.

    Stockpile guns and ammo comrades; the end game is near.

  10. EDL = AIPAC/ Jew control.

    Shocking this...don't these fucktards read?

    Pam Geller is a dual Israeli national shilling for the Anti Defication League (ADL)

    Maybe EDL morons can't see subway signs in JewYorkCity

    We all detest the Muslim invaders but not at the expense of being duped...retards.

  11. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-23004858

  12. Big Brother really has come to town...

    850,000 employees work for NSA in Ameerica; with the "Masters of the Internet" GCHQ, in the UK -- making it easy for Zion to spy on Golden Dawn and all NS in Europe.

    Israel gets what ever it wants from the evil NSA/GCHQ alliance; the dumb sheeple never make the connection.

    Comment section in this article is interesting; people know hellz a comin' they just need to see who the wire-pullers are (International Zionism)


  13. This is good Golden Dawn! Keep up the good work!

  14. Remember how they always were talking about an international revolution... "Workers of the world unite" and all that crap... and now all the tables are upside down... and what used to be is not... sort of... like the red flags are turning against the bolsheviks...
    And...Which is which? Who is who? The wheel is turning... "You have nothing to lose but your chains"... the banks have taken everything else!