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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Third Position

 Having interestingly read an article called “Good Night, Left Side”, which fully reflects my thoughts, I would like to focus more on our ideological differences with the Right Wing, because it really is one of my favorite subjects.

 I used to believe, and I still do, that a high and solid ideological wall should divide us from the right-wingers and it’s Far-Right derivatives. Our differences with the so-called Right-wingers are less obvious to the People and our comrades, than those with the left-wingers, and this is the reason why this challenge is a big one. I hope my effort to find and point out these gigantic differences, which are often hidden in small details, will receive sharp criticism and comments by my comrades.

 Firstly, we must examine the matter of the free market competition between people, products and nations from our point of view and compare it with that of the Right Wing. The right-wingers, either populists or liberals, have distorted the Darwinian logic of improvement of the species by antagonism, by relocating Darwinism to the field of economic competition.

 First of all, biological reductionism (namely coming to social-economic conclusions based on the theory of evolution) does not stand for itself as a science, but only as a philosophy, and even though I am myself a hard-core "biologist".

 Secondly, the modern theories of evolution (Richard Dawkins for instance in “Selfish Gene”) support that the biological choice matters not for individuals but for groups of people with a common genetic “pool”(namely, they share a great number of common genes) and that for humans means that the interest of the individual is sacrificed for the interest of the nation, so that the genetic pool will be supported! Therefore, the competition between individuals does not exist on many neo-darwinian theories.

 Thirdly and most importantly, market competition has nothing to do with Darwinism, simply because fortune and capacity can be inherited in the capitalist system! Animals compete each other, but according to Darwinism, this happens with everyone starting at the same conditions and nature is the one to decide for the survival of the most qualified. In the capitalist system, as we are all aware of, only the offsprings of the rich and powerful, those who have the contacts, the money and the connections will be in power and that is in no means a biological choice. Also, the so-called social mobility, people from the lower castes reaching the higher ones, exists mostly due to contacts made by those those who kiss asses and crawl through lobbies and bedrooms to approach the rulling class of capitalists. No reasonable human being considers this as a biological choice!

 Fourthly, and very important as well, is the fact that even if in capitalism the high ranks weren't the aftereffect of corruption and fortune, it would again promote sub-human beings! Who would survive in the free market? The brave, the strong, the bright scientist? He who keeps a harmony between the bodily, ethical and spiritual virtues? Of course not! This would really institute a biological choice. The one who survives will be the one who knows how to buy everything for a low price and sell it expensively using any means necessary .

 Therefore, such social hierarchy which is accepted by the right wing cannot be perpetuated, comrades.

"Socialism and Motherland"
 Secondly, we must examine the matter of camaraderie and socialism against liberalism. Why are we socialists? Simply because the non-aberrant human is a social being. We are not made by nature to live by ourselves, collecting money until our death. This is unnatural!

 Besides, a society which is bound with blood ties and ideas is an almighty adversary against the capitalist consuming mass. We do not create societies of worn-out people resting on top of one another, like the leftists do, but hoplite columns in which every individual has his usefulness. It’s not the position that gives him prestige and respect, but how vigorously it is served by every hoplite-citizen!

 We all are workers of the spirit and of the body, all labor is equal and the moral recompensation by the society, when we do our work correctly and unselfishly, is that which is going to make us productive and will power our internal impulse to create, an impulse existing in every human, and not the ill impulse to accumulate wealth.

Working Class
Blood, Honor, Hellas
 I’ve come to the third point I want to analyze, and this is the meaning of national interest, a meaning perfectly distorted by the right-wingers. The national interest is the sum of the economic benefits deriving from the geographical position and the geological constitution of the country (such as shipments, mineral wealth etc.).

 We know that between competitive nations, they are usually protected with military means and there is always the probability of war. The Right Wing uses minimum wage employees as soldiers, to protect the investments and the profits of the capital itself (domestic and multinational) deriving from the exploitation of the soil and the geographical-geopolitical-geostrategic position of the country! This is not about our national interests, but about the benefits of several families that have wealth and power. The Right Wing, when talking about national interest, it implies the interests of this oligarchy which it serves!

 When we, the Social Nationalists, use the term “national interest”, we mean that the profits from the exploitation of the natural wealth will be distributed among all the Greek people through state enterprises, and the Greeks will be those who will protect them with their own blood! No soldier will be left in the service of the capital, as the Right Wing wants them to do.

 Finally, we must refer to the so-called “free economy” which the Right Wing supports so strongly.

 The “free economy” is neither a free one, nor it’s propagandized “freedom of the consumer” exists at all. A “free economy” means nothing but an economic jungle, where whoever owns a big capital (to advertise and lower the prices) and presumes upon their employees, becomes dominant, prevails and buys off all everyone else, resulting all the market to get under the control of a small number of multinational companies which control not only the market, but finally the state itself, even its very elementary functions!

 Even if they bribe politicians or the Army of the dictatorships they install, they gain such great economic power within the state itself, that it’s impossible to be controlled, even by a decent government, if their economic size is not limited.

 Truly, whoever supports “free economy” is like supporting the abolition of the Police and the Law in a country, resulting us killing each other until the dominance of the strongest caste is achieved. It really is about a deep anti-social conception which converges with the hatred against all state structures that anti-authoritarians and mobsters exhibit.

 We propose state control (and not ownership) in all sections and state ownership via public bodies and enterprises in strategic sectors, as are education, healthcare, the army, energy,  transportation, telecoms, the war industry, etc. Of course, our state will not be the ill and clientelistic parliamentary state...

 Comrades, I hope that this small introduction in our huge cosmic differences with the bourgeois Right Wing will become a rock on the ideological wall we have to build and raise against it.

Source: Spartakosns


  1. Excellent posting. I presume you mean that true European Nationalists cannot, and indeed are not, either left or right. The right are when all said and done, traditionally capitalists, and the left are anarchic useful idiots of the Juden.



  2. Cultural Right / Economics Left

    Anti-Capitalism / Anti-Comunism / Anti-Zionism

  3. The state should work for the people but in most countries this case is reversed by money grabbing politicians and elite who share the profits from natural resources and state subsidised ventures and businesses amongst themselves. These corrupt actions are practised by both the champagne Socialists of the left and the bourgeois pigs of the right they are one and the same.

  4. "The Jew is able to take advantage of both these groups. One of them provides for his affairs, the other carries them out. Therefore, we oppose them both."

    Adolf Hitler, about left/right.

    1. Screw Adolf Hitler, he tried to destroy the Greek culture the Golden Dawn love the brave Greek resistance against the Nazis and do not refer to his views for their own Greek and not German nationalist movement.

    2. Adolph Hitler tried to save Greece from the Jews. Marxist Merkel and her Jew controllers are doing the opposite.

    3. Hey i'm a Greek and Golden Dawner and certainly do not say "screw Hitler"...Some mistakes maybe happened but the TRULY perfect socialistic state He made and the technological breakthroughs of NS Germany showed the magnificence and the Holy character of Nationalism!I'm not defining myself as neonazi(only capitalists use this word) but you can not be a Nationalist and say "screw Hitler"...
      14 Words

    4. You damn well can be a nationalist and say screw Hitler and screw the 14 words The fourteen words say "white people" not Greek people not French people not Italian People not Spanish people,not Czech people Not Slovakian people not Polish people. The Nazis murdered Greeks and French tried to annihilate the Czechs and the Poles. The 14 words are for racist idiots who are not Nationalists do not see our national differences and who hate all non whites and want to dominate them. They are a cancer on Nationalism and must be routed out. That includes the poster above

    5. German Nationalist kill Greeks, Nationalist have existed long before Adolf Hitler, while he was respectful in some aspects he was cruel towards the ideals of Hellenism. The Golden Dawn do not want to see Europe united as one nation but a Greece for the Greeks unlike Adolf Hitler who saw people with blonde hair and blue eyes a superior race of supermen meanwhile the blonde hair and blue-eyed are not the creators of Hellenism nor the glorious Roman Empire or any other society of the past that had set examples for the future generations of mankind to follow. Thus, you could easily be a Nationalist and in some major ways disagree with Adolf Hitler.

  5. Agreed. Socialism AND capitalism always fail in multicultural parliamentary societies, the problem lies in the latter. Those who are nationalists but believe in economic liberalism are a walking contradiction. IF the sole motive of a society is making the highest possible profit instead of protecting the race, then not only will you create nothing of cultural or national value, not only will society be appealing to the lowest elements of man, but also what is stopping big capital from replacing their white workers who demand a life with at least basic sustenance and dignity for their families with Bangladeshi slave labor?

    Globalization is the inevitable outcome of both capitalism and communism. The third path is the way, and what Zion fears.

  6. A very important article that defines the position of Social Nationalism, by Social Nationalist.
    The Marxist, with a degree of success have managed to use language on their terms. Far too often do we find our selves, responding to, their definitions of us, as though their definitions were correct. Far too often are we in the position of having to defend against their accusations of our guilt. They assume the moral high ground, we defend.
    The media, politicians of every other persuation and consequently our people, frame us in that Far Right perspective. Often this is a deliberate ruse to misinform, the term Fascist is is often used to call us by and this too is either lazy or deliberate but equally erroneous.
    Social Nationalism cannot be defined by the use of previous forms of ideology. Therefore it is of vital importance that Social Nationalism is explained in an accurate way that is clearly understandable, by a Social Nationalist. This article does that.

  7. Exactly.
    Left and Right are nothing more than two sides of the same coin which represents the treacherous regimes.
    We won't choose a side.
    Their similarities on all kinds of issues
    (social, national, economic, foreign policy, (illegal) immigration, religion, way of life)
    overwhelm their differences.
    We want something totally different from the sick and twisted way of life they forced upon us.


  8. a big help to be a strong force; the pentagon scrubs a website off the Internet you know we are in marshall law....

    courtesy of another israhell american dual national traitor

    step up new york congressman steven israel.. my god you couldn't fit a name like that onto a lamp shade or bar of soap!

    the founding fathers guaranteed the right of every american to have a firearm to stop corrupt bankers...

    real americans white americans adios south of the border metizos let in by the guz turk/mongol freaks --ZOG


  9. shut up and eat your gelfilet 2 Senator from Jew York Charles Schumer

    where is gun control you will find das juden...


  10. The juden and their shabbas goy are panicking. If we press on they'll lose .

    Hail the dawn

    Remember the 300 my Greek brothers. You're the cornerstone of White civilisation

    Hesco UK


  11. Good article, but I think we should avoid the term "socialism" altogether. I think it's safe to say that it's been completely highjacked by the Marxists; and whenever someone hears the word, the left automatically comes to mind. We need to produce our own terminology for strategic propaganda purposes.

  12. Adolf Hitler didnt hate the Greek people.

    Greek Communists and traitors killed more Greeks than the German Army.

    Of course any country wants to repel any invader...but if those people cannot see the Jew behind the curtain, what then?

    After WWII Greece was racked by political infighting and still is and many died.

    You better prepate for the struggle coming between Greeks. A civil war sadly.

    Call it right, left, commie, Nazi or whatever bullshit term you want.... it's going to be nasty and it's going to be bloody and long.

    Just like the UK they call themselves anti- Fascists -- a collection of communists, leftists, anarchists etc., and they will be coming for YOU!

    It does not matter what bullshit you call yourself..Nazi is all they see in Golden Dawn and all they want war.

    Get use to it and maybe even like it because you're not gonna do some pussy PR campaign for the "soup kitchens of hate" and turn around the kosher media ...like pissing in the ocean.... a jewish ocean.

    1. when you glorify Hitler you play into the hands of your enemies. They say see what trolls they are they follow a mass murderer, So when the Government represses you they don't care. Mussolini Hitlers fellow facist, invaded Greece murdered Greeks and when the Greeks began to defeat him, Hitler invaded and slaughtered the Greek army. If you want to rewrite History and glorify German mass murderers you are no Greek patriot.

    2. There is no need to bring Jews into this at all. If the bankers are not Jews, they will just laugh when we call them Jews. If the bankers are Jews, they can call us anti-semites. Call out the bankers, and insist that they get what they deserve.

  13. I wish you wouldn't bring in Richard Dawkins into it!. He is an arrogant atheist and a hypocrite. He spends much time on bashing Christianity and when confronted with Islam he keeps quite.

    When he had a debate with an Oxford Mathematics Professor Richard Dawkins lost the argument.

    As you guess I am no atheist and detest the actions of Richard Dawkins.

    And I'm a 'hard core' Mathematician!

  14. Don't blame the Greek Marxists for their leaders; I think they are being mislead. If they knew what the Gold Dawn was really about, and if they saw the corruption of their leadership (who, from what I have heard, are shills for the banks/big business), I think they would convert.

    The truth is that there cannot be a Marxist, an Anarchist, or a Socialist party within the framework of the present-day republican democracy because republican democracy is not representative, as the political life is not accessible to the layman. What we have in many of our nations is democracy for the rich and I suspect that the "communists" and "socialists" which are so plentiful in the Greek parliament are continuing the policies of their predecessors and collaborating with the existing state apparatus and the EU because they are not "workers" or even "intellectuals"; they are businessmen and bankers who bought their seats like most any other politician. I believe the only reason the Golden Dawn has managed to actually gain traction because in times of economic hardship, it becomes more apparent who is really pulling the strings as the corporate shills in power begin to clamp down on their control over the people as their expensive PR campaigns lose their luster.

    Now that a real leadership of the people (the Golden Dawn) is finally breaking through to the echelons of power, it is the time to push through real reforms: you must abolish the false democracy and give all power to regional councils with elected representatives for the people. You must abolish capitalism by institutionalizing workers' rights and facilitating democratization of the workplace and seizure of ownership over capital by the workers; seize strategic industries for state control; recover outstanding debts from Germany; expel the migrant slaves imported into Greece by capital interests. It is important to make it clear who intends to bring real socialism to Greek workers.

  15. Hail to my Greek Cousins.

    If you want another spear to throw at the Bankers and free yourselves, have a look at Bitcoin.