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Friday, April 26, 2013

Poll reveals Golden Dawn as the best party to fight corruption

 Even SYRIZA can't hide the unstoppable rise of the Social Nationalist Movement. This is the explanation we can come up with after the new poll of VPRC in account of SYRIZA's radio station "To the Red". We are aware that political customers of the gallop companies can slightly alter the image of each poll, as seen on the election of 2012 where polls showed that GD would earn a 3% of the vote. The truth was vastly different, of course. This practice tends to become a tradition.

 This specific poll gives Golden Dawn 13% of the vote, doubling her percentages from June 2012, earning 2% more in comparison with the poll of the same company for the "Greece Tomorrow" newspaper, and reducing the difference of the two sides of the same coin, SYRIZA and ND. In this poll we can see that both parties lose 1,5%. Given that SYRIZA itself payed for the poll, we could say that it is falling much faster.

 Its worth noting this one statistic, where the people were asked which party would fight corruption more effectively. Golden Dawn stands alongside SYRIZA, on the first place, with 10,1%.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/oute-oi-dhmoskophseis-tou-suriza-den-mporoun-na-krupsoun-thn-anodo-ths-chru


  1. Alexis Tsipras is a tool for the E.U., jew @ Zion Central in Stassbourg; Poul Thomsen tells him to jump and Alexis asks "how high"

    Traitors are the same everywhere; when the Greek electorate learn of the evil and collaboration of SYRIZA and the IMF-EU- Trioka, Syriza will hit the political scrap heap.

    The sooner the better.

  2. Why dont you make your own poll for the parties?

  3. Great news, Im so sick of reading depressing news from englang and norway and sweden. Its nice to see some European people standing up for themselvs

  4. Buy guns!