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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Defy the Banks!

 Yesterday, on April 29th, comrades from the whole district of Piraeus completed a big informative campaign and political action on banks of the area. The purpose of the march was to inform the People of the usurious tactics the banks employ these days, as well as to make them aware of the plans of the Zionists.

Money for the People
Not for the usurers

 The comrades initially marched to a central bank of the port of Piraeus, were they distributed hundreds of copies of the Party's newspaper and leaflets as well. We caught the attention of many citizens that approached us to get our printed material and to empower us to keep up the effort of awakening the Greeks.

 The protest moved to another central bank of the area where the People, after greeting us with warmth, told us how they felt about the loan sharks of the banks and about the degradation of society in general, wishing us to take power as soon as possible when they departed.

 The success of the march and the acceptance of the People are reflected upon the speed of which our printed material was exhausted. It is an example of our influence on the simple people of the working class that view us as the last and only hope of saving this Nation.

This political action ended with a march on central streets of the city towards the offices of the Party, where the National Anthem and the Hymn of the Golden Dawn were sung. Golden Dawn will keep dynamically intervening against all institutions that exploit the Greeks while leading them to poverty and despair, thus proving her socialist character and standing in solidarity with the People.


  1. Everyone should read getoutofdebtfree.org

    You don't owe the banks anything.

  2. listen to the bullshit artist shilling for his JUDAIC masters on immigration in the EU


  3. It is great to see your movement in action. Keep up the fight comrades! Greetings from Sweden!

  4. Defy the international bankers worldwide, they spread the death of Europeans and fund our deaths with our own money !!!!

  5. Between the June 6th to the 9th the vile Bilderbergs are holding a meeting in Watford, England. I want nationalists from all round Europe to oppose the vile totalitarian Bilderbergs which they are continuing with their plans to kill off the White race of the world. But there will be lefties and so called Libertarians opposing them but they do not care about the White race becoming extinct. The lefties are pro 3rd world immigration and pro White Genocide. I want to see nationalist flags like the White Power Celtic cross at an anti Bilderberg protest. Alex Jones will be attending the protest but he do not like White nationalists. But he only talks to Jews and black supremacists that want us extinct.

    Please Nationalists, I urge you to organise a demo against the Bilderbergs which is between the 6th to the 9th of June. The Bilderbergs say that Nationalism is dangerous and we got to show them that we are calling for an end to their totalitarian New World Order plan!!!! The only way to defeat radical Islam is to defeat the zionists. So the EDL members (and others like Casuals United, South East alliance...etc) need to counter the Bilderbergs!!
    Read more here > http://thegreenarrow.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=display&thread=11048

    1. Alex Jones's wife is jewish therefor his children are jewish.
      His backers are zionists and he fully supports the rogue state of
      Hail the Golden Dawn keep up your brilliant work.

  6. Please, visit: www.facebook.com/AveGraecia

  7. Great examples of real life political activism, the whole of Europe envies you.

  8. Banksters -

  9. http://schwertasblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/06/angela-merkel-is-not-germany-the-euro-is-an-instrument-to-enslave-all-europe/

  10. Hail golden dawn! hello from Australia.

  11. I am not greek but I am a displaced european born in america and what you are doing brings tears to my eyes

    God bless you GD

  12. Go golden dawn ,it's time for a change