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Saturday, March 2, 2013

They are illegally postponing the municipal elections, because of Golden Dawn!!

A law, voted on 2010, that merged many municipalities states that municipal elections will take place every 5 years, on the same days of the European elections, effective immediately. So, the next municipal elections will take place on the June of 2014. However, we hear within the Parliament, and through the pro-government Press the existence of a scenario to postpone the municipal elections until June of 2015, defying the law.

This move is considered by Golden Dawn as a major antidemocratic coup, because the People elected their local "masters" for strictly one term of office. Any prolongation of their term is done for the interests of the ruling parties, and does nothing good for the municipalities themselves. At the moment, the Panhellinic Socialist Movement (PASOK) controls 8 regional governors and 220 mayors, while New Democracy controls 80 mayors. It is clear that Pasok, that currently has 4-5% of the vote, will not re-elect any mayor or regional governor! New Democracy's power on the municipalities will also decrease. In addition, we will finally have a grasp on Golden Dawn's REAL percentages, and she will elect mayors and regional governors!

 The Golden Dawn is not surprised by their Stalinist methods. All respect for the Constitution is lost, and petty party interests take its place. Golden Dawn has tabled a question for the third time, where she asks the Interior Issues Minister whether this change of dates is effective or not. The Minister denied on all these three times to answer. He only declared to the press that this option is under examination.  PASOK and ND are near the end of their reign, they know that they will be held accountable for their actions against the Greek People and they know that it is impossible to postpone these elections forever.


  1. They're postponing because Kasidiaris is running for mayor

  2. long live the Golden Dawn movement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! long live national socialism!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Golden dawn is not a national socialist party, in fact Golden dawn rejects nazism.

    2. In a way...it is it's own National Socialist movement, with National and Socialist identities. Ethnic Nationalism is focusing on the peoples of a given ethnic group, predominantly the majority and people that built the nation, focusing on it's culture and beliefs.

      The Socialist agenda of it is making sure no one of that given group is short handed but where they aren't just living off benefits and not being a drain on society for being lazy, also giving people life skills and understanding of their culture and people, training and development to become strong leaders and contributors to said nation, which is what defines it from normal Socialism that currently holds sway in Europe, which is almost verging on full blown Communism as Socialism has a tendency to do so. So in reality National Socialism is more National than it is Socialist but takes the good parts of Socialism disregarding the nasty bits that can lead to Communism where the Government controls everything in ones lives and destroys the culture of the people so that they can remake it into a new society under what the leader proposes.

      These are what makes National Socialism

      Nazism = Nationalsozialismus = National Socialism, but it is a German acronym given to their specific movement like how there are many different forms of communism, Nazism was just one form of it, so yes, they can disregard being a Nazi movement.

      Also what the left wing nuts fail to establish is National Socialism wasn't German made, it was developed by the Czechs, they do this to make it sounds as if National Socialism will always be bad, but the fact is, Communism is the one that will ALWAYS be bad yet they fail to mention that there are communist parties all throughout Europe like the KKE that even uses the Hammer and Sickle icon, the icon used when murdering 40,000,000 of it's own civilians.

      They try to make National Socialism sound as if it means 'Invade and slaughter' where this is not the case in the slightest, nationalism doesn't mean 'invade' it means self preservation and prosperity, it is a defensive movement, when they DO however invade, it is because the LEADER orders it, not because of the movement itself. And here's the difference between National Socialism and Communism, Communism must spread and devour everything, as it always does.

      Let's take Nazi Germany VS North Korea. North Korea is Nationalist and they HATE foreigners and do not welcome tourists, you'll most likely never leave ever again and of course, no immigration at all, it is also communist, so it is classed National Communism. Whereas Nazi Germany welcomed foreigners and tourists and gave them very modest and humble accommodation especially to British visitors, even held the Olympics, though you weren't allowed to immigrate there unless you were German, which is fair enough, though Hitler believed British were a long lost Germanic brother(Funnily enough, he was correct without the use of modern technology which is why he offered them a treaty where they wouldn't step on each others toes and work together, he had no intention of taking complete control over Britain).

      So we must always recognize that Nationalism can take on many different forms like all other , some good some bad, which the media tries to hide from people, just look at our liberal democrat(non-democratic) leaders right now, they cause wars all the time, they are bad people, that is THEIR form of democracy, if you don't come to democracy, democracy will come to you - with bombs and armed drones.

      So is Golden Dawn National Socialist? Yes. Is it Nazism? No. Just look at the golden dawn pictures, social programs to help people and is ethnic nationalist in that Greece is for Greeks but they welcome visitors(white only) that support their progress and give respect to them.

      I believe the only way to save Europe and other white countries is taking on Ethnic National Socialism so I support Golden Dawn all the way.

    3. STOP Using The Word "Nazi", The German NS NEVER Called Themselves Such Things, Its a Allied Political Term Used To Smear and Degrade Them Just Like Jap Is To The Japanese!

    4. Golden Dawn should elect as many members to the European Parliament as possible.
      From there they can save all of Greece, municipality is nothing next to European/Brussels power.
      If all municipalities are under the arm of GD, Greece would still be a slave to Europe

  3. Actions such as these in which are committed by rival political parties do not come without a further action to succesfully complete a plan. They posponed public elections, despite apparent non-enforced laws, but they may in the meantime in this illegally proposed oppertunity, the curropt of whom surpassed this. countinuously propagate against the Golden Dawn's views.They,(Anti-Golden Dawners) seek some more precious time to repel the Golden Dawn because they feel that their political success and superiority is at stake. Which is of course true. However, these are only miserable policies as they are limited. Hail the success of the Golden-Dawn. RISE RISE RISE.

  4. Why not overthrow the government and get rid of it completely and then start a new pro white Government over the top. Even through we need to do the same thing for Britain and Europe!

    First of all, start having a provisional or transitional government over the top of the anti white government and then start a Coup d'├ętat to get rid of the traitorous government! We need a revolution now because the government is destroying our land for the non whites to live in illegally! The only popular anti EU party is UKIP and they are zionist owned and multi racialist party. We need a Golden Dawn in Britain and start a Coup d'├ętat before the anti white reds/anarchist/communists do it! There are ways to do it... Including getting the troops on your side.

    1. To Nationalist4UK
      Just common sense, and YES we need a GOLDEN DAWN in Britain right now.

    2. You already have BNP, in Sweden we have nothing.. Our biggest "pro-Swedish" party is a jewish ultra-nationalist party.

    3. Start your own movement only 0.2% of the Swedish population are Jews although they hold the most influence.

    4. BNP is finished! it went downhill by 2010 after the elections. There are too many faux "nationalist" party which will get nowhere but split the vote.

      please take a look here

    5. Hear you can see BNP view on Golden dawn.(They support GG)

      The British resistance is probably searchlight funded, never seen such an anti-nationalist site.. They attack BNP if BNP win, they attack BNP if BNP lose. That behavior is called "Critical theory" and is a culturalmarxist theory on how to break down moral. Is the entire site dedicated to troll BNP?

      BNP is of course not finish, that is just standard mainstream media bullshit that comes out every other year.. How many times I've heard "BNP is finish, I lost count." BNP scored a record number of votes during the 2010 election, had UK been a proper democratic system like most of Europe, BNP would have like 23 seats in parlament now.

      Despite all the trash you hear from mainstream media and various searchlight funded nationalist sites. BNP is still around and and growing, altought they were beaten down by the EHRC after 2010, they survive and even recently got a donation of 200 000 pound to boost their their economy, which was trashed by the EHRC.

      As I said, you should be so thankful you actually have an real ethnic nationalist party in UK.. In Sweden all we got is Sweden democrats.. and they reject that there exists any ethnic Swedes.

    6. The BNP are multi-racialist, they been accepting non white members since 2009. They haven't even won any seat all due to the rigged elections to get the anti white labour party to win seats. But UKIP is splitting the Tory vote which will help Labour getting into power which enable more non whites to ruin our country more. But the BNP is splitting the UKIP vote because of the similarity policy they have got. But Griffin fucked the BNP up in 2010 after the elections which mean they have to start all over again. Its time that there's a coalition of nationalist parties. I know UKIP is a multi racialist party which they say they are "non racist". They are full of ex Tories and some which are Ex Labour, they done good speeches in EUssr Parliament and yet they have progressed nothing in EU parliament to get us out of the EUssr. Its time that all nationalist parties unite. But the UKIP party is 3rd on the opinion polls which is splitting the Tory vote but the splinter nationalist parties are splitting the UKIP vote more. So on the EU elections i'm not going to do a single X as I will write in "F**k the EU, give us a vote out and stop Immigration, stop white genocide".
      Well by the way you should take a look at this...

    7. "The BNP are multi-racialist, they been accepting non white members since 2009. "

      -That is the law, do you not know that it is illegal for a political party in UK to exclude members of other races? When it looked like the BNP would get 20% of the votes, the EHRC changed the law to force all parties to allow non-white members or be banned. Even thought BNP are forced to accept non-whites like all other political parties. BNP are still an ethnic british nationalist party. If non-whites want to support an British ethno-state.. Good for them.. If I was in Japan, I would support a Japanese ethno-state, even thought I am not Japanese.

      ". But Griffin fucked the BNP up in 2010 after the elections which mean they have to start all over again. "

      -Hardly Griffin fault. it was the EHRC that constantly sued BNP costing tones of money. Nick Griffin built BNP from a 30k votes party, to a 1 million vote party. Not saying that Nick Griffin is perfect of course, but we should be thankful BNP is left at all.

      " Its time that there's a coalition of nationalist parties."

      - That will never happen.. and even if it did it would not be such a big thing since BNP consitutes like 90% of the nationalist force in UK anyway. All other nationalists parties are tiny.

      " I know UKIP is a multi racialist party which they say they are "non racist""

      - Yeah. UKIP is nothing.

    8. Poor old Ireland has only 1 Jew in government but he is doing his best to destroy our country. He even blames Ireland for the holohoax. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=66782
      People must learn who is destroying our people and that is the Zionist Jews.

  5. Why is there a black man taking a GD leaflet lol..

    1. He is not a racist so he supports the notion Greece for the Greeks. Just because you're non-white doesn't mean you support the anti-white racist genocidalist dreams of the politically correct elite in the west.

    2. The way to do that is to deport them all.

      'Racist' is a Jew word.

    3. Just like a UZI is a jew weapon? A word like a weapon serves whoever uses it. It also helps that the multiculturalists actually are racists.

    4. for those Comrades who think that a black man votes for GD i have to tell that the man that holds the vote paper is an employee for elections(working for the state) not a voter of GD...Voters are given all the papers together in their hands as employees give them,that's how i know it...
      From a proud Greek Golden Dawner

  6. Can't be done. That is a Coup d'etat; especially since Greece is a member of NATO. Talk about such on a public forum should be gagged by any member of this movement. Silence is Golden. You want win, then shut your big mount and get involved, fined your rank and play your role. Besides Coup d’etats always have to have backers and subscribers like the US, Chechen Rebels, Taliban thugs that overthrew Libya and killed Kaddafi; and like the thugs that are battling Assad with aid from Turkey, Saudi, Israel and the US.

    This movement is in the infant stages or becoming something bigger and more coherent. It could be bigger than the Jewish World Congress, the UN for that matter; more powerful than the World Bank or IMF (both Jew) if time, energy and money is incorporated into it.

    Then the movement needs to align itself with other tight movements that share the same beliefs and dreams. Leaders need to join ranks and hold conferences. And maybe at the height of it maturity elect a leader, senates, reps, chancellors or whatever you want to name the leadership posts that would represent each participating country.

    First there needs to be a GD or affiliations forged in North America (European descendents alliances), along with a European community of coherent and tight communities with identical movements; then the movement needs to be centralized and all other movements loyal without an eye-blink.

    Then create a rapid deployment of a universal uniforms, logos and emblems. Lodge powerful demonstrations using passionate speakers that can reach out to the un-awakened white European world wide whom are increasing falling ill to this new crapulous creed of the New World Order Run by the Rothschilds.

    Then finances will pour in as the movement takes off and it becomes apparent that it supports world diversity. That is Europe for Europeans, Asian for Asians and Africa for Africans, and Middle East for Middle Easterners; then will true world diversity be honored and enjoyed through trade, tours, Olympic games and travel.

    Much man power, finances, media control and ‘Yes, we can’ marches down every damn streets that dares to challenge GD presences. They bring fist; so shall we. They bring sticks and knives; so shall we. We wont run from fear anymore; it will be fear that will run from us. Then let our victories speak for themselves and give the people what they want. Hope for their own land, culture, language, race and history back into their lives. Encourage then to breed larger families. Allow free market system to truly run and for factories to only hire their own and produce fine, quality and worthy material to ship around the world so that the world may marvel and do the same for us. And there’s more; but first there is that which remains…A very lethal opposition. We don’t overestimate it nor do we underestimate.

  7. http://whatreallyhappened.com/content/greece-promise-army-has-been-obtained-not-intervene-against-civil-uprising#comments

    Greece: "A promise from the army has been obtained to not intervene against a civil uprising"

    “There are contacts by certain politicians with elements in the armed forces to guarantee that in the event of major social unrest, the army will not intervene.”

    “I don't want to go into too much detail here though as it is a delicate issue,” he continues. “But as a result of these contacts, I think this is going to be successful.

    ”That Blackwater/Academi (or whatever name they are known by this week) have denied providing mercenary support for the Greek bankocracy means nothing. Any organisation that can do the sort of morally bankrupt things Blackwater has done is very capable of lying about something like this."In the past few weeks, offices of the governing parties...""...have been firebombed as well as the homes of pro-government journalists."
    DIY pants of fire. The Greeks already learned one burns Trojan horses. Banksters next?

  8. It is my opinion that in this time it is virtually
    essential to seek information from a variety of sources,
    to listen to a spectrum of voices in order to better
    understand the "big picture." A reliance solely upon
    mainstream corporate media for news and info is a
    prescription for ignorance. I try to share information
    that counters the monotone of mainstream corporate media.

    Think for yourself! To paraphrase the late William Cooper:
    Read everything, listen to everything, but believe nothing
    until you've researched it yourself.

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  10. They have taken away the vote from the Greek people, you have a bankster installed by the EU as leader and you have no votes, no say in the running of your own country.

  11. "anti-fascists" -


    Shouldn't voters have to pass an intelligence test?

    You don't have to be intelligent to vote!

    What if there are more stupid people than intelligent people?


  13. Blueeyedwhiteslav, I've sent a email to you yesterday, it said an error occured on my side, have you recieved it?

  14. Please find my dontion of €20. I Wish I could donate more

  15. Arabs set to buy up Greece:Officials from Qatar's global investment arm will hold talks in crisis-hit Greece on Wednesday, the development ministry said.
    The emirate has also rejoined a public bidding competition to develop the former Athens airport, one of the prized sites of Greece's privatisation drive.

    Earlier this week it was reported that the emir of Qatar had purchased the privately-owned Ionian Sea islet of Oxia.

    The local mayor told Greek media that the emir had paid 4.9 million euros for Oxia and another 3.9 million for five neighbouring islets and wanted to build a palace.

  16. As if we needed any proof, it seems that everything has a price. The Emir of Qatar has just snapped up six of the Echinades islands in the Ionian Sea for a mere £7 million, as part of his plan to acquire 24 Greek islands; one for each of his children.

  17. Would the Emir like to buy the UK it is the more wealthier of the Third World countries.