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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Political catharsis NOW! - The betrayal of SYRIZA

 Recently, the Golden Dawn proposed the creation of a preliminary investigation committee to bring to justice the corrupt figureheads of the previous government. Those figures would be:

Former Finance Minister, George Papakonstantinou
Former Finance Minister and current President of PASOK, Evangelos Venizelos
Former Prime Minister and former President of PASOK, George Papandreou

 Those are the names of the politicians that are being accused by Golden Dawn, and will be interrogated for their participation in the cover-up of several names contained in the infamous Lagarde list. The Golden Dawn also called the MPs of the "Independent Greeks" party, as well as any independent MP to sign our petition, that requires 30 signatures in order for our request to be processed.

This when SYRIZA showed its true face, and confirmed our accusations that it is a party backed by the System.

Although the party initially wanted George Papandreou to face justice, the party's president, Alexis Tsipras, proposed the creation of a preliminary investigation committee ONLY for Venizelos and Papakonstantinou! This caused a panic in the party's ranks, but the lust for power was always the toughest glue around, and it has saved the old PASOK many times. Now, the new PASOK (aka SYRIZA) begins to experience the first cracks in its structure due to the decision Tsipras made. His reasons to exonerate Papandreou, are known only to him. Thus, Kouroumplis and Konstantopoulou (two very anti-Papandreou MPs of SYRIZA) were left out in the cold...

 The people in the party's HQ are already receiving pressing questions: "Why have you stopped talking about Papandreou?", and everyone is in a state of panic due to Alexi's betrayal. The latest side effect of this panic, was the departure of Lafazanis (leading SYRIZA MP) from the "For the press" show on Kontra Channel. The MP could not answer the pressing questions of the reporter, so he ... fled.  Lafazanis refused to answer the reporter why SYRIZA is not pushing to form a investigation committee for George Papandreou! Instead, he chose to flee, rendering the reporter speechless.
 It's worth noting the fact that for the first time supporters of SYRIZA sent hundreds of messages against Lafazani's reaction, who is not accustomed to fleeing from political dialogue. What can the man do, since he could not answer?

As for the two MPs mentioned above, will they vote Golden Dawn's proposal for the formation of a committee that will interrogate the three suspects, something that they initially supported?

 Tsipras tasted power and started playing underground political games, by erasing Papandreou's responsibilities for the "Lagarde list" scandal. The conflicts with Venizelos are just for show, since the PM that brought the IMF here remains unpunished for his crimes. If he requested that Papandreou gets interrogated by a committee, that would be a move that many Greeks would support. Since he doesn't care about the political cost, that can mean one thing: that he has great relations with the international governance system and is the next one to govern, completing the transformation of the Leftist gang into a purely systemic party.

  Amidst all these, the "Independent Greeks" proposed that Lukas Papademos (The PM that was appointed to govern Greece by the IMF) should also face a committee - a proposal that has our uttermost support.

 "We call the MPs of every party to face their duties against the Greek People. During the elections, everyone paraded on TV shows saying that we are in this situation because of Papandreou. Now they can show what they are worth - and vote for the formation of an investigation committee"

-The General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos


  1. Bring them to justice. They have committed treason against their own country and deserve to be punished for their crimes.

  2. Again GOLDEN DAWN leading the way, it will only be those that have something to fear that will oppose this investigation committee. The criminals and traitors must be shown up for what they have done and for what they are scum, then suffer the consequences of their actions perpetrated against the Greek people. The sequestration of their goods i.e. property, money etc; which will be substantial, this can then be returned to the people, plus long prison terms made mandatory, and in some extreme cases the death penalty. There must be no place to hide!

  3. Can you have a word with Tony Bliar and Gordon Brownski as well please.

  4. Hahaha, I love it when left nut/commie's flee. Golden Dawn wins the day yet again - then again, the truth always prevails.
    I hadn't read into Greece much in the last few years but things seem to be heating up XD
    I wonder if SYRIZA will lose votes after that performance, I hope so, it's like 10-0 for Golden Dawn, just keep giving it to them, won't be long now, keep up the great work :D

  5. I just read that all the political parties, councilors and many organizations are going to march against golden dawn on January 19th and said to expect tens of thousands lmao, as if numbers are going to destroy the spirit Golden Dawn has brought to the people of Greece. We gotta bring in some supporters from across Europe and give them hell, though I'm sure Golden Dawn has plenty supporters in Greece alone to counter it now :D

    1. Yeah, they might get tens of thousands, but that is no number at all really, considering all media, all rich people, all politicans will be ranting on about it, they will probably even need to import people from other countries, and bribe illegal aliens with bread crumbs to get that figure. Meanwhile Golden dawn only at their youth rally got 10k. :)

      We should be ready that day and spam all article that will come up on bbc, cnn and so forth, if you can get your comment contaning the link to this site on top before they shut the comment field, your comment stays there forever. :)

    2. They can march all they want, they've been doing just this for 40 years. We will counter them with our annual march, on February the 2nd.

    3. dear fellow human suffers, we have a great affinity with the greek nation we are b-n-p nationalists in england and the way to overcome the hardship that your people are suffering is through civil disobedience.if you know a little bit about english history our hero was oliver cromwell he beheaded an english king and for a short period of time our country was a republic, unfortunately we in england may suffer the same consequences that your country is going through.your countrymen should round up all those people who ran your country into the ground and brought such hardship and suffering upon you all its called natural justice-fellow brothers extreme urgency is required by world nationalist movements to unite and support your cause

    4. This is the link http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2013/01/08/gree-j08.html
      time to hit 'em hard. I find it hilarious how these people 'stand against fascism' yet they're fascist themselves. Fascism = Government with immense power over everything. Sounds just like the EU and other European nations governments, huh? I find it even more hilarious that a communist party has any monopoly on national socialism at all, they're responsible for the death of about 200 million people in just the 20th century alone, and that was not war, just mass murder, yet are still allowed to have a party? I cracked up when ilias slapped that communist ho, any supporter of such a criminal organization needs a head check, or if they just like being communist, put into solitary confinement. She deserved it.

    5. Oliver Cromwell was no Hero, he was a Jew-slave, he let the Jews back in after the King banned them...

  6. Can other European nationalists join Golden Dawn? Maybe as associate members. It would bring in money for the cause and give Nationalists in countries that don't have have a decent party some roots and education in forming their own groups.
    Good luck GD.

  7. January 19th 2013!The day the fat cat, traitors, and treasonous fail ….Because all of Greece will be watching,if there was any doubt about GOLDEN DAWN it will be completely dispelled, the political turning point for a full GOLDEN DAWN government . Then see the criminals run, but there will be no hiding place, they need to be hung!

    1. Aye to that, Greeks have a mere sliver of land left and they cannot even have that much to be left alone to teach their culture and beliefs in peace, if there is violence to be done against traitors it is the Greek people to carry it out, I'm against violence in most cases, but when you remove a nations identity and oppress their people then they have a right to fight back. At least imprison them and chuck banana's at them seeing as they enjoy being monkeys. Liberals have a profoundly small sense of reality.

  8. Papandreu ought to be the first to be tried and hanged for high treason. As for Tsipras he is a lightweight of mediocre to below average intelligece, with a glib tongue and smooth effeminate voice. A custom made puppet of the internationalist gangsters to throttle and destroy Greece. It is unlikely that Syriza will get the government. The situation can only get worse , in such a scenario of apalling conditions the systemic vultures would be discredited.