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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Defining the Enemies

Often, during the analyzing of news on the MSM, the easiest target is always picked. For most of them, the enemies are the Germans. The analysts expect to activate the People's reflexes that way. Reminiscing moments from King Otto's Regency to the WWII and the Siemens Scandal, the analyses become digestible, the slogans easy: "The Krauts are coming!"


But are the Germans at fault because some Greeks were corrupt and accepted bribes? Are they at fault because the criminals responsible for all the scandals are still unpunished and voted into Parliament? Are the politicians giving the bribes and calling them "business" at fault, or those that accepting them ,calling them "investments"??
Some are to blame for the Nation's downfall, the diminishing life quality, the unemployment, the poverty, the depression, the suicides. Some decided to sign those loans. Some are enemies of the Greek People!

And now, some renamed the sale of our Homeland to "growth", and are moving quickly to materialize their plans by cooperating with eager Greeks. After the Lesbos port which was sold to Turks, we read that a Greek Capitalist cooperated with a Turkish "Croesus" to sell him 50% of the Floisvos Marina.

Who is the "guilty" one? The Turk that, being consistent to his Race's commands, his People's visions and interests, buys an important landmark in Greece, or the Turk-minded Greek that opens him the backdoor and helps him become an important figure in Greece's financial life?

Yes, Greece needs growth, jobs and businessmen. But she needs clean, nationalist-minded businessmen that will work under stable and strict laws that will be voted once Golden Dawn forms her Nation-State. Greece doesn't need a rotten plutocracy that revolves around rotten politicians at Saint Moritz's salons, organizing the handout of our national wealth to enemies of Hellenism.

Golden Dawn drives Greece to the next chapter of her history, a new book of resurrection and creation. For this we need every Greek that feels like a Greek and is decided to mobilize of the interests of Greece and the Greek People.

Golden Dawn offers our People what the politicians and capitalists of this country deprived them of for decades. While they threw bones at him, bones from the great feast of national and European funds and suspicious transactions, they deprived him of his Future. Our People needs a national aspiration, it needs goals that will push him out of the ditch the conspirators threw him. National aspiration is not the "monetary union" of Simitis that had disastrous results for our country. Likewise, it also can't be the "growth" Samaras dreams of.

Golden Dawn promises a Greece for all Greeks. Our guarantee is our General Secretary, that leads the Golden Dawn with responsibility and dynamism, that inspires all of our comrades, a guarantee is our MPs, the vanguard of the ideological, spiritual and productive reconstruction of the Greeks, a guarantee is the vitality, bravery and ethos of our members.
Golden Dawn is the spartan spirit of the Hellenic race whose very name denotes the nobility which dwells within, the force that will cleanse the land of the corrupt, and bring the new golden dawn of Hellenism.


  1. Re-take Constantinople and Anatolia, give the Kurds South Eastern Turk, Give North Eastern Turkey to Armenia.

  2. The first measure you should push should be moving the capital city from Athens to Sparta. Athens never, never was the Capital City of unified Greece. It always was at best the sub-capital of foreign empires occupying Greece, like Macedonia and then Rome and then England and then Europe, and always dreamt of ruling a world-wide democratic and literary utopia rather than a real country, quite like NYC that behaves more like a half-European, half-Israeli city despite the fact it is the most renowned American city in theory. Athens was the Greece strangers and aliens loved, not the Greece Greeks loved. This is the proof that Athens was a factor of decadence and treason, appreciated for such by various occupiers. Continental Greece was always pro-Sparta during the classical times, and all pure-blooded Greek Aryans who inspired the Greek sculptural art by their very bodies favoured Sparta over Athens, for the latter was a non-Aryan, miscegenated majority city, based on an abstract conception of citizenship that is crippling all European countries as well as Greece. The Athenian democratic model never worked except when the city became a mere cultural resort for strangers. Even during the times of her supposed heydays, Athens owed its short-lived supremacy to her being an Egyptian outpost and social experiment in Greek soil. Athens is so much more loved by the enemies of real Greece that maybe it should be made a German city. Sparta should be the capital for want of the lone big city all Greeks miss dearly, Constantinople.

    1. Excellent synopsis of the real Greek people and the founding city of European origin.


    2. "...foreign empires occupying Greece, like Macedonia and then Rome..."
      MAKEDONIA was Hellenik and is Hellenik, Vardarska as it was known was occupied by Bulgarians Serbians Shquiparyans and Turks ousting the Greek People there. Vardarska-"Macedonia" wrongfully called Skopje was "baptised" by communist tyrant Tito....the so-called Greek Government of that day and time did nothing to stop this stealing of our History and Name. As for Rome their true history is Greek. Greek colonies in what became known as Italy influenced the Estruscans and so-called Latins in many ways. Thus the Romans were our cousins....and as most Greeks know all too well beware of Relatives!!!

  3. Our enemies are EFIALTIS in plural. Efialtis was a "Greek" traitor that betrayed the Spartans and Ellada to foreign interests and invaders. Much like the politicians capitalists and liberals have been doing for generations.....Why is it that many of OUR Great Heroes were always betrayed by their own people? No good deed goes unpunished....with this being ingrained into our minds for so long we do not want to do any good deeds for OUR People OUR Race OUR well being, for fear of the repurcussions we must break the propaganda and brainwashing that is slowly eroding Who WE are and Who we can Become again. OUR Ancestors created the Western World yet other groups are being hailed as "great innovators" with their twisted religion.