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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Deafening explosion, deafening silence from the bourgeoisie parties



People of unknown identity placed a high magnitude bomb (3 kilos of dynamite!) on the Golden Dawn offices of Whitetower (which is one of the most active Social Solidarity centers in Greece) which exploded in 04.00 am (Greek time). The bomb caused extensive damage. A meter-wide crater was created and the strong blast wave hit every shop in the district and caused a meter-wide hole on the wall of a nearby shop. The bottom floor was completely destroyed. Nearby cars and house took a severe hit from the blast, and the shop of a Greek near our offices has been completely destroyed.
The details of the bomb's structure are creepy. The techs located bullets (like the ones contained in the shells of a hunting shotgun) in holes sprayed all over the 50-meter radius of the blast area. The bomb's intention was to KILL.

And we should expect this. The parties of the bourgeoisie resorted to the last weapon in their arsenal. After their extensive and costly propaganda campaign that failed, they resorted to terror. Why am I accusing the parties of Parliament for this terrorist attack? Because 15 hours after the nearly deadly attack and NO PARTY has condemned it. How could they? They are the ones behind it, they know very well who those terrorists are, and they were harboring terrorist activism against us. They never condemned the countless arson attacks against our offices. This is their "democracy". Instead, they inspire total war against our members and voters. A war against our social lives and our political rights, a war that a University professor (of the progressive breed) proposed few hours before the attack, during a TV interview. We can only say one thing:

Walls may fall, but Ideas remain!!!

And we will shed our Blood for those Ideas!!!

They can burn our offices
They can ridicule us on their newspapers
They can attack us on the streets
They can even outlaw us...

But they can never defeat us.
For we are fighting for a holy cause.
For a Greece that is mighty.
For a home that is proud and free.
And the Enemy trembles, for his time is short.
And he knows that.

Their time is short.

The Leader of the Golden Dawn called for a meeting on the ruins of the offices, to organize the self-defense of our members against the State and the Parastate.


  1. May whoever done this rot in hell.

    What will GD do now?

    1. They will inspire us to continue our struggle. May we find courage, because sooner or later there will be blood.

  2. Democracy leftist style, they have no argument so they try to silence the voice of truth, the voice of reason.Hopefully there are still some good people in the police who will hunt these scum traitors down and expose them and their masters.

  3. Obviously Golden Dawn now make them fear for their crimes. Golden Dawn are strong, Greeks are strong, and we know you will never bow to the filth destroying your people and country.

    Many in Britain support you, you are an inspiration to us all.

  4. http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2012/01/the-spanish-civil-war-a-successful-nationalist-revolution/

    Take notes.

    1. Actually the roles are reversed, we are the revolutionaries now.

  5. I am so sorry.

    You have my support and many people around the world look up to you.

    You will get through this and I for one would like very much to find a way to help.

  6. One thing is to be extremely careful not to be provoked.

    Remember when Hitler was trying to win over the British to follow the promises they made after WWI, a Jew killed a German diplomatic attache in France, for no apparent reason.

    This set off Germans breaking Jewish store windows and so on--they were provoked.

    The Jewish press used this as a means of scaring the British off from abiding by their honour with respect to Germany.

    Stay cool and rational in responding to this attack as one issue is to win the hearts of the majority of the Greek people.

  7. Cash-strapped Greek health service in crisis as hospitals run out of gloves and gowns.
    Meanwhile the EU give hundreds of millions to Somalia, screwEU, all Greek people need to revolt against the EU and the Greek puppet government, join the Revolution, change the regime and support Golden Dawn the anarchists and commies are tools of the betrayers who have ruined your great country, make them pay dearly!!

  8. Stand fast, brave friends, your land belongs to you the fine people of Greece .

  9. How can we in the rest of Europe contact the Golden Dawn so we can come and help.

    You're given us all real hope, Hail the Dawn!

  10. Stay strong my Greek comrades!

  11. There was a link I had read where GD was holding a meeting to discuss this event. If I didn't misread, how'd that go?

  12. Support to Golden Dawn from Scotland and the rest of the UK!.

  13. Multiculturalism the declared failure, the tool of the Left & EU must be resolved and dissolved by any means needed. As with any struggle against corrupt & treasonous governments that support corrupt corporations, there will be casualties, but winning this war for that is War, must be the only result as failure means the total destruction of Europe and the Western World as we know it.
    So the Greeks and any Nation will survive and not be placed in the history books as having once existed, or worse, disappearing into oblivion.
    The practice of genocide by the EU throughout Europe is a crime of such vile magnitude that those responsible in Brussels should face only one punishment. Those, their families instrumental at all levels will ultimately pay the price of their treason; there will be no hiding place and no place to run for those criminals.
    Nationalists throughout Europe need galvanizing into one force with one common purpose that of regaining their lands, protecting and regaining their heritage, to cement our traditions sovereignty and freedom back into these great nations, what was once called home.
    This has been taken from them and us by the EU, by the deliberate and forceful multiculturalism that has been a tool of the Left to destabilize and subjugate so many countries and nations. The Muslim hordes that have swept through Europe thanks to the EU demanding that we bend to their will, erecting Mosques, breading like rats, and draining the resources that have been built up by those indigenous peoples for their own benefit , and not immigrants.
    The time is now, when any and all Nationalists throughout Europe must come together as one force, using every means needed, giving no quarter, to those that would attempt the destruction of our World. We need an European militia that will back up countries that need backing up. The corrupt politicians need to be removed, as with bankers and corporations that have collaborated in the destruction of Europe making them pay the price for their treason and deceit. All hale GD from the UK.