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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Red October exposed

An event-tribute to the October Revolution, under the lead of the League of Radical Left (Syriza) took place on 26/11 at the Law School of Athens. The related announcement reads:
"95 years ago, the October Revolution places her seal on the historical events. In a critical period like the one we're living in, her importance is undeniable. Red Marks Editions, motivated by the republication of John Reed's historical book "Ten Days that Shook the World", will be organizing an event dedicated to the great October Revolution."
We will be writing an article dedicated to the October Revolution as well. The revolution that brought to Russia the first communist regime in the world. Of course, we aren't going to simply retell the events of the revolt. Our goal is to enter the hidden pages of history and examine the purposes and the motives of the powers that were behind the outbreak of the Communist revolt at that specific time and place.

First lets examine the relationship between Zionism and Communism, before 1917.The  founder of Communism, Karl Marx, was a Jew and he descended from a family of rabbis. Marx was mentored by Moses Hess, the so-called "red rabbi", precursor of Zionism and under the service of known Jew banking tycoons, the Rothschild family. Likewise, it was said that a close associate and financier of Marx, Frederich Engels, was also a Jew (although it is unconfirmed) as well as the first major Socialists, Communists and Anarchists.(St. Simon, Babeuf, Haynes and more). Those mentioned before were all executives of the First (Marxist) International that was based on London first and New York afterwards, the wombs of Capitalism. Dominated by Jews was the Second (called "Socialist") International with main representatives being Bernstein, Kautsky, Rosa Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Martov, Rabinovits and more.

The Jews of the Czar's Empire were the first "rebels" that founded and participated in the Marxist revolutionary and terrorist forces in Russia (With the most famous being "Narodnaya Volya-People's Will"). The revolution reached its peak with the murder of Czar Alexander II by the Marxists-Talmudists. After that act the regime unleashed a "pogrom" against the Jews in the land and many fled to the USA (thus creating the foundations for America's conquest). Those that stayed joined various Marxist gangs that were useful to the international Zionists.

In 1897 in Switzerland, Zionism was officially founded (because unofficially it existed since long ago), under the leadership of Theodor Herzl. A year later the Russian Social Democrat Labour Party was founded, the one that was later renamed to Communist, that was handed to Lenin's hands. Lenin (Born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov) was a Jew from his mother's side, that of the Blank family. Lenin's grandfather was Israel Blank and his great-grandfather was Moses Blank.

However, the party soon fractured to Bolshevik and Menshevik parts (something like today's Syriza and KKE). They had a single difference: The Bolsheviks believed in the need of an immediate communist revolution, while the Mensheviks believed in the cooperation with bourgeois and progressive powers to overthrown Czarism, and after that they would figure out what to do next. They believed this not because they didn't believe in the communist revolution, but because they thought that revolution had slight chances of success. This fracture was another Zionist trick, since they wanted to be with the winning side no matter what. If the revolution was successful they would side with the Bolsheviks,  if not, they would side with the Mensheviks. Their goals were clear though. To eliminate the last persecutor of Zionism in the world and use this gigantic country for their purposes.

The first revolutionary attempt happened in 1905, in the absence of Lenin, who was outside the country. It would appear that the leader of this revolution was the Jew Lev Davidovich Bronshtein, mostly known as Trotsky. However, the real leader, from behind the scenes was the fanatical Marxist and Zionist, Israel Lazarevich Gelfand mostly known as Parvus, a demonic man with great connections at the decision-making centers of international Zionist movement and a mentor of Lenin. The revolution was suppressed quickly, but the Czar offered to partially liberalize his regime.

The big chance for the overthrow of the Czar came during WWI, when Russia joined the war with destructive consequences. The revolutionary forces took advantage of that, and they rose in arms during the February of 1917, resulting in the removal of Czar Nikolai and the installment of a bourgeoisie parliamentary democracy, following western examples. The post-czarist governments were formed by liberal bourgeois elements (Freemasons) and moderate socialists (Jewish Zionists) The Bolsheviks stepped on them to rise on power!

Lenin, after short visits to capitalist nations of the West, ended up in Switzerland (1914-1917). Those were the most important years of his life. But how did he live there?? Who paid for his expenses? The ever-present Parvus! Here is the biography of this dark man, written by the great Alexander Solzhenitsyn:
"Gelfant Israel of Lazar (1867-1924). Born in the province of Minsk. Spent his childhood in Odessa. In 1905 he basically was the leader of the Petersburg Soviet. He was exiled to Siberia, but during his transportation he escaped and fled outside the country. During the 1912-1915 period, he became rich by being a financial adviser of the Turkish and Bulgarian governments. In 1915 he came in contact with the External Affairs Ministry of Germany and was financed to fuel a rebellion on Russia. Covered with trade operations, he secretly send money to the rebels. After the revolution of February, he exclusively financed Bolsheviks after the Communist revolution of 1918 in Germany he left for Switzerland, from where he was deported for scandals.He build a luxurious mansion on the German island of Schwanenwerder, where he lived until his death."

Just what was the purpose of this international Jew, "whose door of his house in Constantinople is open to every enemy of Russia"? Solzhenitsyn gives us the answer: "In Odessa, during the reign of Alexander the 3rd, he claimed that the Jewish people will be free only after the fall of the czarist regime. So, after Zionism filled the Bolshevik chests with money-via Parvus- , he sent them in 1917 to complete their mission."
However, the most important Bolshevik leaders where outside the country and could not safely return to Russia (the war was still going on). How would the revolution begin without them? International Zionism took the responsibility of their safe return. But it wasn't a simple problem. You see, they had to cross various countries. But the solution was found! After Parvus's intervention in the German government (That was fighting against Russia), the latter secured to Lenin and his team a "sealed train" that would cross Europe without stopping nowhere. In the end, that "sealed train" reached the port of Sassnitz. From there (again with Parvus's protection) they crossed to Sweden, Finland and finally reached St. Petersburg (1917). A month later, Trotsky also arrived there with his team from New York, where he had escaped. They were transported with a ship hired by "Kuhn, Loeb & Co.", an American bank of Zionist interests, also a financier of the Bolsheviks.

Upon his arrival in St. Petersburg, he used the slogan "Down with provisional government! All power to the Soviets!" Immediately he organizes the "Red Guards" armed zionist gangs, to terrorize the Russian People. With an abundance of funds behind him, he unleashed an unprecedented propaganda campaign and organized the final attack to take over Russia. A premature revolt in July 17th, that happened in conjunction to the large-scale German counterattack on the eastern front, could not be completed due to the bad weather conditions, had a bad ending. And while everything was unstable. the Zionist strawman Kerensky takes over the Russian government. and saves the Bolsheviks from the worst cases scenarios. An attempt of general Kornilov to take over, gives Kerensky the chance to summon the Bolsheviks to.. save the democracy. He gave them guns and released any member that was arrested after the uprisings in July.

Then, in the 10th of October (Old Calendar), the Central Committee of the Bolsheviks held a critical meeting and so, under Lenin, decided to go for an armed revolt. Why do i speak of a revolt and not of a revolution?

Because in a country of 160 million population, historians say that they were about 60.000 Communists, with Trotsky himself claiming that their numbers reached 240.000. During the following days, the idea of armed revolt was spreading but the Kerensky government does nothing to stop it. Finally, during the the night of October 24th (6th of November according to the New Calendar) the Bolsheviks attack and take over the Winter Palace, the base of the provisional government. All the ministers were arrested, but PM Kerensky -after paving the road to communism- "mysteriously" disappeared to the USA and spent the rest of his life there. It was obvious that the Bolsheviks recognized his services. That day, the first Communist government of the world is a fact! But who were the real governors of Russia? Out of the 554 first people's deputies, assistants and supreme executives of the State: 30 were Russians, 43 Lithuanians, 12 Germans, 13 Armenians, 2 Georgians, 1 Czech, 2 Poles, 2 Hungarians, 3 Finns and the rest 447 were Jews!!! The Jew Zionists were, in fact, the new masters!

I will close this historical review with a note written by Lenin himself, for the first bill that was filed by the Bolshevist Government immediately after her formation and was about -what else- fighting antisemitism:The Committee of the People's deputies orders all the Soviets to mobilize every measure they can to eliminate the anti-jew movement. Persecutors of the Jews and all those promoting anti-Jewish propaganda will be punished by law."

The long night of Russia has just begun, and it will last for 73 years!

G. Dimitrakopoulos

P.S. For more details and documentaries regarding the issue, please read my book "Lenin, grandson of Israel", available on the Golden Dawn's bookstore.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/o-kokkinos-oktwbrhs-apokaluptetai#.ULY0lOV7ky4


  1. Looking forward to you're retelling of the revolution. Don't forget what the commies did to those opposing views.

  2. "During the 1912-1915 period, he became rich by being a financial adviser of the Turkish and Bulgarian governments".

    I don't buy this story line. How does he do that? BS. Something is very wrong with this story line.

    1. Read Solzhenitsyn's book and disprove me. During those years the Balkan Wars raged on the west parts of the Ottoman Empire.

    2. Well said, it is nice to hear the truth

  3. Allthough a superb collection of hard-hitting articles, exactly what more and more of this debate will do, is a mystery. We need a serious opposition force, based on intelligence, then targeting of the modern day parasites.